The Surgery

In early December, Kavin underwent open-heart surgery. While everyone in his family was afraid, he was calm and composed during the whole process. He reached inside the operation theatre without any wheelchair for his support and the doctors were too impressed by his positive nature and confidence.

Successful Surgery!

After a few hours in the operation theatre, the doctors came out with a bright smile on their faces indicating the operation had been successful. The family members sighed a big relief especially Kavin’s wife who had been worrying about it since they got him into the room. Everyone came to Kavin’s ward after he gained his consciousness and were happy to see him alright. Was it the end of all the diseases?

Back To Normal

Soon Kavin was given discharge from the hospital and without wasting any more time at home he got back to work. The people in the office were happy to see him back even after a lot of persuasions from his wife and managers he resumed back to work. Soon, things got back on track and Kavin was back with more energy than before.

Months After The Incident

It was a Monday morning and Kavin was combing his hair. His wife suddenly teased him that his beer belly had become quite prominent those days. He too was feeling that he was gaining weight and turned anxiously towards his wife and asked if she was serious. She laughed and said that it was normal to gain weight at this age. Was it just a harmless accumulation of fat or something else?


Even after his wife’s assurance that the fat was something normal for his age, his curiosity increased because now he knew he wasn’t the only one who had noticed that change. So while he was doing his work at the office that day he couldn’t help his thoughts getting back to his fat that was growing around his belly.


It was Christmas Eve, and months had passed from the incident. He had become so conscious about his health that he had cut out on most of the fats and started to exercise regularly in a hope that it would help him reduce some weight. But his tension grew more intense when at Christmas Eve almost everyone pointed out his beer belly and ironically he had never touched beer in his whole life. He took his body’s warnings quite seriously and fixed an appointment with the doctor.