Belly fat has been a hot topic for ages. Girls freak out even if a little bit of fat starts accumulating around their belly and today boys too remain equally concerned. But hardly anyone wants to put an effort to reduce it. All they want is a tonic that could just make them get into shape without doing exercise and workout. But what if a person is an athlete and exercising is in his routine? Kavin was one of those people who would not leave his exercise even for a day, then what might have happened his belly fat increased as much as a 9-month pregnant woman?

Meet Kavin Daly

Kavin was a financial planner in one of the most reputed firm and unlike other people, he was satisfied with his job. He was doing what he loved to do and found peace at his workplace which was really rare. Most people in this era need money for their Gucci bag and Rolex watch but they don’t want to earn it rather grab it from someone else.

An Athlete

He was not only a work alcoholic but he actively participated in athletics too. “A sound body has a sound mind” and he seemed to clearly understand this proverb. He was in a habit of involving himself in various sports whenever he used to get the time and did yoga on a regular basis. He too used to guide people for the same and everyone was in awe of him that at this age too he was able to maintain himself very well.

Age Is Just A Number

Though he had entered his 60’s and at this age when other people give up, he was the one who would run around like no one less than a 21-year-old boy. He was an inspiration to his family members and was very popular among the young generation. Because unlike all the other elderly people he used to encourage the youth and guide them with new perspectives.

A Perfect Partner

Kavin was not just good at work or sports but he was also a very caring and adoring husband to his wife. They both used to equally divide the household chores and the couple was adored by everyone. His wife used to tell him how lucky she was to marry such a person. Comparatively to other family members he seldom used to drink.


It was the year 2015 when Kavin started to feel fatigued every time he used to walk even just to the corner of the street and frequently complained about pain in his chest. He knew he was getting old and everyone assured him that this was bound to happen but he was sure that it was something more than his age. Were his assumptions right?

The Visit

Kavin was never the one who would ignore the signals of his body and without wasting any time he rushed to the hospital to get it checked. As suspected it was more than just the age, he had heart disease and the doctor suggested him to undergo open-heart surgery for his calcified valve. Calcium was getting accumulated in his aortic valve in the heart hence narrowing its opening.