When  you find that your back is against the wall and you are dealing with a life or death situation, people often go to length they never imagined they will ever go to fight for their survival. Similar was the case with this Swedish man who’s story is as unbelievable as it is amazing!

A “Loner”Peter Skyllberg Story

This 44-year-old man named Peter Skyllberg would be described as a loner by some people. Though not many people knew who he was, but the owner of a local gas station seemed to be aware of his location. People would think he was a homeless person as he used to live in the forest and sleep in his car.

At A Low Point

Peter Skyllberg Story

He was regular customer at Andreas Ostensson’s gas station as he would come there to fill up his gas tank and buy basic necessities like hot dogs, bread, coffee and cigarettes. Ostensson imagined that this poor soul must have fallen into hard times as he never bought anything expensive and had very little money to spend.

Friendly Yet Withdrawn

Peter Skyllberg Story

Peter was a resident of Sweden, he used to work as a carpenter but now he is facing a lot of money trouble. According to Ostensson, whenever Peter did come to the store he never tried to start a conversation with any other customer. Ostensson found him to be odd yet a very nice person. Though he was quiet, Ostensson did saw him laughing on several occasions.

A Strange Life

Peter Skyllberg Story

From what Ostensson had seen so far he had the impression that Peter must have driven himself through all of Sweden before stopping at this place and telling himself ‘this is a good place, I will stay here.’ The gas station owner finds it rather peculiar that Peter would live in the forest, he was curious what he did there all day.

Was He Really Gone?

Peter Skyllberg Story

What bizarre about this situation is that Peter was a good-looking person, one would always find him shaven and with good hygiene. So how bad could the forest be possibly treating him? Everything had fallen into a routine with Peter until, last May. A friend of Peter came forward saying that Peter had disappeared.

Cut All Ties

Peter Skyllberg Story

Because Peter hadn’t been in touch with his family for over 20 years, his absence had gone unnoticed for a very long time. If Peter’s aunt Sic Skyllberg is to be believed, Peter had broken off all ties with his family almost two decades ago because of some scandal he is claimed to be involved in that she refused to repeat.