John Sims of Arizona had no idea what chaos had he invited to his life when he bought a house from his friend. If we go by the appearance the house had nothing extraordinary about it but as they say, looks could be deceptive, that was the exact case with this house. This scenic building was hiding an astonishing secret for years which surprisingly none of the occupants ever could discover. But unlike the previous ones, Sims was too curious to let go of tiny clues that signaled towards the secret. His curiosity led him to discover an astonishing secret lurking in his house.

A Man From Arizona

John Sims is a resident of Tucson, Arizona. Sims who had previously worked in the fire department was very venturesome by nature. He loved going out on adventurous trips with his friends and watching thriller movies. Little did he know his these hobbies were going to be a great help in the future. Sims being carefree by nature did not fear anything till he bought a house from his friend.

 Love At First Sight

Sims fell for the building in first glance only. Why would he not be, the house was beautiful enough to captivate people’s heart. The house was built on the perfect location as every necessary buildings or aid were nearby and apart from that, there was an amazing peace inside the house that Sims liked a lot. The house had a vast backyard that increased its beauty manifold. He without thinking twice made up his mind to buy the house and asked his friend for all the papers and cost.

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The Beauty Of Secret

As they say, more than often beautiful things are designed to hide something uncomfortable. This beautiful house had been successfully hiding a secret from its residents for decades. Surprisingly, nobody could sense that except Sims who felt something extraordinary about the house from the very moment he stepped inside it. However, he did not let that persist longer and that is the moment he made the mistake.   

Something Unusual

The previous owners and neighbors did expose him to the rumors about the house he was buying. The owners told him that according to the neighbors the house had been a witness of some unusual incident in the past. It is important to point out here that the house was built many many years ago.

Talking Point

Along with its beauty and vast backyard the house was also a talking point for the secret it was holding. There were talks in town that the very house had been hiding a secret. Well, nobody knew the source of these talks nor had they any idea about the authenticity of it. Lacking any evidence in its favor, Sims and his friend considered them a rumor.

It’s Strange

But it was also true that something uncanny was going on with him since the time he entered the house. He suddenly began to have strange dreams in which he used to see himself being chased by someone in a narrow passageway and sometimes being trapped in a small room. Were they just a dream or were they signaling towards a truth about the house in disguise of a secret? He was soon going to learn that.

He Wondered

One day he was strolling in his backyard while wondering about the recurring dreams he was having. It was surprising how all of a sudden he began to have these kinds of dreams. And while thinking about that he suddenly fell down. He just had hit something with his feet. Something that was beneath the ground. He tapped the ground to make sure and indeed there was something hidden under the ground.