There are several things in the world that can’t be explained by humans, like a lot of discoveries made by the scientists about the pyramids in Egypt or even the Bermuda triangle. One wonderful thing that could initially not be explained by humans was this giant hole found in the middle of a lake in California. A person called Evan Kilkus decided to investigate the reason behind this mysterious hole in the middle of Lake Berryessa and what he found was quite surprising.

A Hole Magically Appears

Evan Kilkus is a Youtuber and a resident of California. Lake Berryessa is in his neighborhood and he usually visits it. The lake was calm and there was nothing out of ordinary about it until one day when Evan decided to visit it again and to his astonishment, found a giant gaping hole in the lake. This was new, the hole did not exist the last time he visited. How did a hole appear in the middle of a lake overnight?