The tiniest breeds among our best furry buddies have become a symbol of a lavish lifestyle and a trend to follow. People run to buy them, without giving a second thought to all the responsibility or should I say even more intense responsibility compared to the bigger dog breeds.This is the story which will restore your faith in humanity on the way with an overwhelming video in the end. Very rarely do such events take place on the planet where being selfish is regarded as the best way to survive. And we’re going to make sure that before you read the end of the story you wanna think twice about your pet or your neighbor’s pet or even about the strays around the area you live in. 

This story is about Ron and the amazing reward that he received for his amazing deeds. The best thing about this whole incredible incident is that it involves people who couldn’t help but were willing so much to take an action that they did the best which was in their hands and these small efforts led to one of the admiring happy endings.


In Salt Lake City, Utah, Ron Howell, a homeless man, who used to live on the roadsides, next to 700 East nearby the I-80 west off ramp daily, wasn’t aware that his life was about to change. He was always there in the hope of money or any job offer, holding a sign for the same. Usually, he used to reply with “Thank You,God Bless”, to anyone’s helping gesture towards him. Ron wanted to work but he neither had a job nor any hopes to get one soon. The condition was worse enough for him which forced him to pick up trash, scrape up whatever he finds suitable and sleep under the overpass. Ron was living an unfortunate life but not for too long.

Not Helpless

Nobody lives on the roads by choice, it’s their miserable situation that forces them to live a homeless life just like Ron Howell. Ron knew from the very beginning what it’s like being homeless and he would never want anyone to spend their lives like him. He said his forever phrase again “Thank You. God Bless,’’ to a woman driver who gave him cash and said to use it for food.

A Roadside Life

Ron was living his life on the roadside and it’s not an unusual thing to happen as there are many people we find around the U.S, jobless, homeless, and sleeping on the sides saving themselves from extreme weathers. So Ron had rare chances to be offered a job when there is one like him on every corner. Yet, a girl finds something about him strange. And was willing to walk up to him for a talk.


It was the end of March and the girl’s name was Angel James. She spotted something strange about this man and was willing to know the reason behind it or was eager to know the story. Angel was about to play her part in a bigger picture that was right now in making. On that, chilled March morning, Ron stood there next to the freeway exit with his signboard. So, what was it that grabbed Angel’s attention when it seemed like a common scene top others who passed by Ron?

A Chihuahua

The peculiar thing about Ron that Angel immediately figured out was his Chihuahua, he was holding the dog in his arms next to board sign. Ron wrapped him in a blanket so that the poor little being does not catch a cold. Angel wanted to know the cute little being’s story and what lead him to roadside with Ron, if he has known him from before or is he a recent addition to his life? Angel had doubts that she wanted to clear with Ron and they talked for quite a while before Angel played with the dog clicked his pictures as a memoir and left.


The Chihuahua whom Ron was holding in his hands was a victim of a similar irresponsible owner. At the end of the day, Chihuahua’s could be a huge responsibility with their lifespan to be as long as 20 years at times. While all they need is to be treated properly, owners face a hard time with teaching them and generally get irritated. However, a bit stubborn, Chihuahua learns quick and stay as a good pet for a lifetime. Ron recalled and shared his experience with Angel. “It was just this little, tiny chihuahua puppy that was curled in his lap, and he explained how someone just dropped it off, and just dropped it there and abandoned it,” Jane recalled.