A Home…..Really?

This unbelievable incident occurred in 2011. Cyrex686 took the world by surprise when he discovered something very weird on the wall of his room. The man had just spotted two odd looking signs on it. It came as a surprise to him as he had never noticed that before. Little did he know it was just the beginning there was more to come. It was going to change his life completely. He was about to find out that the building he was thinking of just a house was much more than that. It had its own shocking secret that completely blew his mind off when uncovered.

No Permission Granted


It all began when Cyrex 686 was fiddling around in his room when something on its wall caught his attention. It was weird that he never noticed that thing before. What was weirder that the mark was in a perfectly round shape. It was a circular mark! Naturally, after spotting the mark a lot of questions swirled in his mind i.e. when did it come on the wall? And why this mark is so perfectly round? And most importantly what this mark signifies? There was no way taking this mark as an ordinary one. It had a story that made man’s jaw drop.