Every relationship should be built upon the foundation of trust. But before endowing someone with your unwavering trust be sure that you know them properly first. As this man was about to learn from what one could say is the most heartbreaking lesson of life.

Trust is a precious thing, this man was soon about to learn this the hard way.

Conceiving a child is one thing, but as most mothers will tell you, it’s an entirely different thing to physically give birth. Doesn’t matter if you’re a mother or a father, the moment your child enters this world, it becomes that point, where everything in your life just shifts. But can you imagine the kind of pain you would feel if something truly unexpected happened at that crucial moment?

 They’ve only been dating for 2 months when this news came

Paul Servat and his girlfriend, who had been dating for only a couple of months were expecting as Barbara Bienvenue had announced her pregnancy in the September of 2013. Though this was a ridiculously short amount of time that they had been dating from, Paul felt like this was something that was just meant to be. After all, why would he doubt she if was telling the truth or not? She hadn’t given him any reason to so far.

 Paul was head over heels in love with her

Though they had only been going out for a couple of months, Paul really felt a connection between him and Barbara. From his own accord, he hasn’t been lucky with women all his life, but when he met Barbara he just felt like something between them clicked. He describes her as an innocent and kind-hearted woman. It would be difficult not to fall in love with such a woman. It was almost as if it was too good to be true.

 Maybe he realizes, where he made this fatal mistake

Though in the hindsight, when Paul reflects back at the time when they were expecting a baby, he did notice something rather peculiar about her girlfriend’s behavior. The thing that was really bizarre about her pregnancy is that she wasn’t sure how many kids she was about to have. Even after getting his girlfriend tested several times, the exact number wouldn’t be determined until one week before delivery.

 The number kept on growing!

When Barbara first announced her pregnancy, the couple was initially expecting only one baby. But only after a few weeks this number grew into two, Paul was surprised but still happy that he was about to be blessed with twins. But this wasn’t it, Barbara soon told him that she might be having triplets, and not long after that, it multiplied to quadruplets. Still not sated with the number, she finally told him they would be having quintuplets – one week before she was due to give birth.

 This was truly bizarre

Though usually, it is quite simple to determine how many babies a mother might be having in 12-14 weeks of pregnancy itself, but for some reason it  took Barbara as long as 8 months to determine this, Paul too felt that this was a truly bizarre thing to miss, but he chalked it up to the ignorance of the doctors. Now it was time to prepare for the welcoming of 5 babies into this world.  Though some would believe, placing soo much trust on Barbara wasn’t a smart decision.