What would you risk to save an animal? If ever you discovered that an animal was in need of help or in danger, what are the lengths you are willing to go to in order to save it? Well, this man here is a true hero who did whatever he could to save a little kitten that was trapped inside a storm drain. After finding about the little cat in distress, he knew he had to be quick. He is an Israeli man who did not even  make a second guess to save the kitten. What he did for the cat is something only a selfless person could do.

Animal Rescuer

For most animal lovers, saving a helpless animal in any way they can is not something out of the ordinary. Some people would do anything for animals. If you own a pet, you would go all out for its safety and health, wouldn’t you? So who is the man that managed to save the kitten from the storm drain? His name is Avi Kuzi. He is from Israel and is popular for saving several animals in need of help. His love and passion for animals has enabled him to save countless animals in the span of his whole career.