What would you risk to save an animal? If ever you discovered that an animal was in need of help or in danger, what are the lengths you are willing to go to in order to save it? Well, this man here is a true hero who did whatever he could to save a little kitten that was trapped inside a storm drain. After finding about the little cat in distress, he knew he had to be quick. He is an Israeli man who did not even  make a second guess to save the kitten. What he did for the cat is something only a selfless person could do.

Animal Rescuer

For most animal lovers, saving a helpless animal in any way they can is not something out of the ordinary. Some people would do anything for animals. If you own a pet, you would go all out for its safety and health, wouldn’t you? So who is the man that managed to save the kitten from the storm drain? His name is Avi Kuzi. He is from Israel and is popular for saving several animals in need of help. His love and passion for animals has enabled him to save countless animals in the span of his whole career.

Heroic Action

Avi is always alert and open to saving animals that may need his help. He is always on the lookout for animals that might need a knight in shining armor. So a day came when Avi found himself in a very serious circumstance. There was news of a kitten getting stuck in a storm drain that would eventually drown if no one was going to come to the rescue. He knew then and there that he would have to get into action as soon as possible. But one has to ask, how did the little cat get stuck there in the first place? It is common for stray animals to find whatever substitute they can for a home. So there was one particularly tiny stray kitten that was looking for a way to escape the unforgiving streets. The stray cat wanted to stay away from the streets because there were too many threats and danger out there. So the little kitten snooped around and finally rested in a car engine that had been parked in a public parking lot. There was nothing to worry about until the driver returned to drive the car…

The Car

So the kitten was resting freely with not a care in the world. But soon, the driver came back to to the vehicle and turned on the engine of the car. So obviously the poor cat was going to get frightened and scared. The stray kitty was startled and instantly jumped out. The amount of horror and fear the poor cat must be going through is something we can only imagine. But then, something even more surprising took place right after the cat jumped off the car. You would think that fate would be kinder and just let the little kitten free but no, that was not the case at all. As soon as the kitten jumped off, it must have thought that it was just going to have to search once again for a place to call home. But as we all know, things do not always go as planned and we are never in control of what happens to us. So the kitty could not do whatever it pleased after escaping the scorching car engine. Unfortunately, it fell into a storm drain



We all have heard about bad news coming in three’s right? So this cat here found itself in a complete slump after managing to escape the wrath of the car engine. The poor kitten did not just fall into the storm drain but was also stuck. It could not help itself or try to escape. There was absolutely no chance of the cat ever getting out on its own from the dark storm drain. Imagine the trauma it must be going through during that time because if it were to rain, the kitten would surely drown. The driver of the car got out of the car and discovered the pitiful state the poor kitten was in. The people in the streets were also aware of the fact that the cat had fallen into the drain. So people began to spread the word about the poor kitten falling into the drain after jumping out of a car engine. They could hear the kitten’s meows and it sounded as though it was calling out for help. Avi then heard about this news and did not waste a minute to come in aid of the kitten.

Always Alert

As soon as Avi heard about the news of the stray cat trapped inside of a storm drain, he did not hesitate to try and help the cat. “I always there, to help the animals, no matter how hard it can be,” Avi reveals when news reporters ask ed about the reason behind him always going in for the rescue of animals in need. Avi’s dedication is truly commendable because he is not only saving these animals but at times even risking his own safety as his tasks are sometimes life-threatening too. Avi already has a reputation for being a lifesaver of animals. He has actually saved thousands of animals in his lifetime and had done whatever he can to always lend a helping hand to any animal that needs his help. “It’s not just a love for the animals,” he explains, “It’s far more than that. They are part of my blood.” He must really adore these animals because even though some of us claim to love animals, who can say they have actually gone out of their ways to try and save them?