The mere thought of being separated from the person you have loved wholeheartedly all your life scares us to wits. Sadly, the woman of this tale had to face this unfortunate happening in her life. Though it was immensely sad for her to absorb the fact that she had lost her beloved husband forever, she decides to keep him alive in a surprising manner. Little did she know that the sign through which she would keep him in her memories and surroundings for eternity will cause people to react in such a dramatic way. She had no clues that a mere sign of her husband’s remembrance will seed such kind of retort.

Deepest Sorrow

Even in her wildest dream she never thought that a day would come in her life when she will receive a call that will shatter all her desires of a happy and a happening future with her husband. No wife ever wants to hear such a news. She was in deepest grief. While her life took a standstill, she wanted to do something to keep her husband and his memories alive with her forever.

Mine Forever

“Losing him was like having a holeshot straight through me, a painful constant reminder, an absence, a space I could never fill”, said she. For the most obvious reasons, the pain of losing your soulmate, your partner is unbearable. The feeling one goes through cannot even be described in words. Her eyes were swollen and deep red, she felt aimless and hopeless in life.

Keeping Him Alive

She had been missing him every single second of the day. His shirt smelled of his scent and that fragrance gave her the strength. The messy and unkempt wardrobe of him reminded her of the fights they did over keeping it clean. Not even a single moment of the day passed when she did not think of him or remember him. And that was when she knew something had to be done.

A Sign

To move on in life and give herself the strength to recollect all her broken pieces, she decided to keep her husband alive in memories. Memories are the best treasures to cherish as they don’t make you cry but make you nostalgic that for once you have had cherished that all. And the aptest way to keep her hubby alive was to celebrate the man he was. Thus, she puts up a sign. However, she couldn’t foresee its aftermath.

Not Expected

What she thought as a sign to tell people that her husband wasn’t alive any longer, turned out to be something a lot more than that. While she was hoping that this sign would keep him alive and give her the feeling of belongingness to her long-lost husband, the sign broke a lot of her illusions. While she always thought that people have loved her husband for the person he was, their reactions to the sign changed the entire story.

Meet The Couple

Velvet and Charlie Poveromo had been head over heels in love with each other. Their perfect love story and an even perfect married life was something everyone looked up to. They were the complete opposite to each other when it came to their habits and nature. Despite this, they complemented their partners well. However, none knew that after forty years their life would take such a major twist.