Almost all of us have for once at least have traveled in a flight. If you have never boarded a flight before, when you’ll board the flight for the very first time, you will have a very different kind of excitement, enthusiasm. Everything at the airport will excite you and you will have an altogether different kind of feel.

However, the protagonist wasn’t traveling for the first time. She had been boarding planes for a long now. It was a part of her profession. Instead of being excited or anything, the only thing she suffered from was jetlag. She was always tired and sleepy, thanks to her hectic schedule. But, that day while on-board, a man approaches her and ask her to move from that particular seat. The seat she was sitting on was hers, then why did the man ask her to move? What followed next was totally enigmatic.

Please Move

She as always was sleeping on board. The passenger came and said, “You are sitting on my seat”.  She woke with a jerk. Though initially lost and disturbed, the woman took a few seconds to recollect her thoughts and heard the man. He said it yet again, “That’s not your seat”. She was agitated.

That’s Mine

The woman took out the flight ticket from her bag and read “31-B”. She then looked at the seat number where she was sitting rather sleeping in. The number too read, “31-B”. She said in a stern voice that this seat belongs to me. Why was the man asking her to move out from the seat that was actually assigned to her? Even the woman was oblivious of his intentions now.


Let’s start from the very beginning to know how things unfolded that day. She was done with her camp here. She was just packing up her bags to leave for her hometown. Already tired and dizzy, she randomly folded her clothes and packed up her luggage. She was already complaining about the flight. Little did she know, that she would find many reasons to crib over on board.

Not Comfortable

The flights appear to be comfy and something grand to everyone, but those who travel only understand the struggles of traveling in Economy class especially when its a long journey. There is barely any leg space and the seats are compact. This was the foremost reason at which the woman was annoyed.

Bear For Hours

Her training camp had taken a toll over her veins. She was dead tired and her body cramps were making her health even poor. She had a severe backache and her sleep schedule was all ruined. And now she would have to bear a long flight to the U.S. and her jet lag would again take over. However, she had no idea that it was all a start to the unexpected day.

Jet Lag

Those of you who travel often must be aware of what a jet lag is. The temporary sleep disorder which is caused due to traveling in different time zones. The woman had a similar experience. An aching body followed with a disturbed sleeping pattern had already spoiled her mood and then a man overboard asks her to get up from her seat only.