Worth The Risk

Mother and daughter still went on to take the risk. There are some people we are ready to take the risk for and Hans-Wilhelm was their family and they wanted to be together in any way. Little did she know it was going to cost her life. During the festive season and without keeping anything negative on their minds, they pursued the plan.

Flight Delayjuliane koepcke prom plane crash

They made the last moment reservations and now they were supposed to take off on December 24, 1971. They were waiting at the Jorge Chávez International Airport for their flight that was running late. Everyone was worried about the fact if they’ll be able to make it on time or not even when the flight was supposed to cover the distance in just an hour.

Boarding The Flight

Everyone hurried as the flight was finally about to take off after hours of delay. There were 91 people on the plane including the crew members and the passengers. The cabin crew attendant made an apology for the delay and the flight took off. Everything was fine for the next minutes, the sky was clear but soon it started to turn dark.

Worsening Conditions

The flight was on the way and they were just 35 minutes away from their destination. But this was going to be it. The flight was in the middle of dark dangerous clouds. Not only the crew but also the passengers sensed the risk. Not willing to spoil their passengers’ holiday plans who were already anxious, the crew decided to keep going and went straight into even more critical situation; right in the middle of the thunderstorm.

Moment Of Disasterplane crash juliane koepcke

The plane was at an altitude of 21,00 feet when the lights suddenly went off and the flight started to shake, everyone assumed it was just regular turbulence. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning and things turned to worse within a minute when the plane went off the right direction. The overhead lockers opened and all the luggage started to fall on top of the passengers. The passengers half drank glasses fell on them. The cabin got overloaded with Christmas cakes, flowers, handbags, and presents.

Thunder Struck

The storm became rough and the pilots were losing control. As the situation inside the cockpit went out of hands, the situation in the cabin became horrible. And Maria and Juliane saw a bolt of lightning struck on the aircraft’s fuel tanks and the right wing blew right off with the ignited tank. The flight that was supposed to land in Pucallpa within some 15 minutes actually took a nosedive.