A messed up childhood can affect your adulthood in a lot of ways. And it can be worse when you do not even know what is it that can be bothering you or has been affecting you since the very beginning.

Howard Burack, a 56-year-old man was adopted by a very loving family when he was just six months old. But Howard always felt like there was something in his life that was missing and when he started his journey of finding out about himself, he came across a truth that bothered him to the core and left him wondering everything about himself.

Meet Howard

Howard Burack is a 56-year-old man living in New York City. He had been adopted by a family living in New York and has been with the family since he was just six months old. Life had been pretty simple and easy until..


Unlike a lot of people who do not know about their foster family being different from their biological family, Howard knew that he had been adopted at a very early stage of his life. His family had never tried to hide the truth from him. 

Missing Piece

Howard considered himself very lucky to have got such a sweet and loving family. He had been thankful for his family each day but there was something that bothered him all the time. He had a constant feeling like something in his life was missing. 


Born in 1963, Howard Burack was put up for adoption through one of the most prestigious adoption agency in New York City, the Louise Wise Services. It was a Jewish adoption agency and very famous at that time. 

Best Life

Howard’s family had tried to give the child the best life possible, as good as what his biological mother would have thought of for him. But even after such a nice family and having everything a kid can ever think of, Howard was never content. 


“I grew up in a nice, upper-middle-class family in a nice, suburban area north of New York City, in Rockland County, and had a normal childhood, normal whatever, great parents,” said Howard. But there was something that did not feel right.