Have you ever asked yourself if you are comfortable in your own home? Has there ever come a point in your life that makes you question the safety of your house? A home can always turn unsafe. If you ask this guy he would be able to tell just why he had the surprise of his life after frequently hearing an odd sound coming from his walls with the addition of a few notes…

The Sound

TarPuppy is a Redditor, who has decided to keep his identity hidden. He stayed alone in his house for a month because his other family members went to enjoy an ocean cruise. After noticing that the items at home were being moved without his knowledge he started feeling concerned. He was there at home with his dog, Murphy, but was someone else there too?
Eerie Feeling

In A Mess

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After about two weeks of these strange incidents happening in his house, TarPuppy was incredibly scared but still wanted to get to the bottom of this. He needed to find out what was going on. Their house was a mess when his parents finally came back home. So how did TarPuppy end up getting this way and messing up the family’s property?

The First Night
Harrowing First Night

The first night was not eventful, but even though nothing much happened, TarPuppy was still very uncomfortable during nighttime. This was a very common feeling he used to get. His anxiety peaked but something about this night was stranger than most. He was sleepless and was watching shows on Netflix for hours. For some reason, he could not relax.

About To Learn

Since he was not getting any sleep, he grew frustrated and went downstairs to get himself a cup of warm cocoa. He then went outside the porch, keeping himself warm from the head of his mug. He was hoping that his nerves settled with the cold weather. He did not have a single clue that he was being watched from the porch light. He was about to live a nightmare.

Connected To Outside World
Link To The Outside World

As TarPuppy was spending time on the porch, he suddenly realized that he had left his phone back in the house. He had a feeling of isolation if he did not hold it in his hands. He was also hoping to get some peace of mind and connect with the outside world too. So he placed his mug right next to the front door and headed inside to go and grab his cell phone.

Bolting The Door

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He bolted the door so that it was locked. Even though it was not going to take long, he had a habit of bolting the doors to feel safe. He just needed to feel secure and now worry about what enters the door. This was a great idea as he would soon get to see something unveil in the porch he was calmly relaxing on just a few minutes back.