6 Decades Of Love

From the moment the Billie and Jimmy met in church, they were certain that they had met their soulmates. From the moment they laid eyes on each other, they knew it was real. And after they went on dates, the two were even clearer regarding the fact that they belonged together. So all in all, the couple was in love for a whopping 60 long years.

Expanding The Family

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So after marrying each other, they soon decided that it was time to expand their family. And so together, Billie and Jimmy became parents to three kids. And so after having their own children, they grew up and became parents too. So this couple became proud grandparents to seven grandkids in total! Their life and marriage had become what many wish to have.

Something Wrong

After being together for so long and having a family that loved each other so much, an unfortunate incident took place. During the holidays in the year 2015, Billie’s health started to deteriorate. She had become old and her body was not functioning as it was supposed to. Even with the help of the doctors who gave her the best possible treatment, things were still going downhill.

Passing Away

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So after showing several signs of complications healthwise, Jimmy’s beloved wife Billie passed away. When she died, she was 83 years old. And this was indeed a big blow for Jimmy because he had literally spent most of his days with her, his one true love. And leaving him behind was certainly devastating for the old man who now had to face the world alone.


After the tragic death of Billie, her dear husband now had to spend his daily life alone. Without his partner by his side, Jimmy was inconsolable. He felt like a part of him had been torn away from his body. It was a dark time for him, he was feeling extremely lonely too. Even though the other family member were with him, no one could replace Billie’s spot.

A New Discovery

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And since Billie was no longer with him, Jimmy grew increasingly lonelier each day that passed. He had lost his best friend, the mother of his kids and the grandmother of his grandkids. It was something he needed time to come to terms with. But soon, after just two days, something took place that was going to change how Jimmy perceived his wife forever.