Sometimes the most interesting things remain hidden in plain sight. There are a lot of things that often get unnoticed because we never pay attention to our surroundings much. Even when it comes to love, it is often said that our soulmates are always there in our lives all along, that we are sometimes too caught up in noticing. Well, this is not exactly a case of love, but it is truly something worth reading. This man has discovered something in a place that has never taken up any distinct attention. He discovers an intriguing cave which was not exactly hidden but took some amount of curiosity to get discovered. Obviously, it left him quite attracted, to go and find out what lay inside the cave that had been there all along, with no one paying attention to it all these years. Read on and find out the interesting things he found when he made this incredible discovery.Like we have mentioned before, some things take a little curiosity and interest to get noticed. In this story about a strange cave discovery, the person that found out about the cave was not an archaeologist nor was he a man who studies anthropology. His name is Michael Scott. Michael actually works as a professional photographer who had been on the lookout for something that could potentially give him a big break. He was not all that well-versed when it comes to history and its attributes but had an undefeatable curious nature. He was often told about the caves that existed among the English farmhouse which no doubt boosted his interest. As he went on to find out more about the cave, he made an unintentional discovery that would prove to be such a hot topic for the public.

The Photographer

The Perfect Project

Michael as a photographer would obviously have the common traits that a photographer has. He was quick with his movements and had an intense urge to find new places he had never seen or been to before. Even for the case of this cave, he did not sit idle and the discovery was certainly not an easy job. Michael Scott is actually born and brought up in the town of Birmingham. But then something made him make the decision and move to the town of Shropshire. Yes, as you may have guessed, Michael left his town to go and do some research on the secret location that the locals had been telling him so much about. The secret location were in fact the caves that had a long history of remaining hidden from anyone to see. The people of Shropshire even told Michael that these caves were such a big secret that even the queen at some point was unaware of them existing.The more he heard about what the caves were about, the more excited he got. Michael knew for a fact that these caves would certainly be a very good way to shoot up his career as a professional photographer. It already had all the things he looked for when he wants to do a good job. Finding these caves would be challenging, gruesome, daring and ever so satisfying. He knew at the back of his mind that if this discovery worked out well, it could really help him make a name for himself in this field of work. His one wish was that the tales he had heard about all these caves were in fact real and not just folktales or exaggerations of the truth. He was more than ready to take on this new adventure that would surely be a unique experience. As he is always looking for something new and exciting, this was the perfect new project. Scott hoped and prayed that they did not turn out to be just rumors.

Finding It

As he already heard about the details of exactly where these hidden caves were located, Scott knew very well that it was not going to be an easy breezy job. It was very clear that Scott would not find these caves lying there for all to see. It was going to take a lot more hard work and attention to get to the caves.He knew that the notion of him finding these caves off the roadway was not a possibility. From what little information he could collect from the locals, Scott could get the hint that it would take a very long walk to find his spot. He would have to travel a long distance deep in the countryside if ever he wanted to reach the caves. Michael had to trek his way to the caves. Since he was a professional photographer, he knew that documenting his journey would later prove to be valuable so he snapped a few click along his way.Since the caves were not conspicuously placed for all to see, locating them was quite a challenge for Michael Scott. He is a professional who has obviously had multiple experiences in going through difficult landscapes and locations. But as a dedicated artist and a photographer, he had always managed to deliver a good job so far in his career. These caves had a tricky placement and it would be almost impossible to locate them as they were kept so cleverly hidden. Most people would find it an unachievable task to locate the caves. They were placed in such a location that ordinary folks would definitely just walk right past them never even noticing that there are lying right there. Scott was also told a very useful pointer when it came to finding these hidden caves. The locals told him that many rabbits used these caves as burrows, so Scott had to pay close attention to these rabbits in the area.

Where Is The Cave?

As we have mentioned earlier, we are often left quite shocked to find that some exceptional things are right there in front of our very eyes. Even in the case of these caves, the locals do know that they exist but have never taken up an initiative to actually find them and see them for themselves. It was only after this man Michael Scott took an interest, that everyone came to know about the reality of the caves that have been there for all these years. There have been multiple cases when some historical relics or structures that are clear depictions of what life was like during the time of our ancestors have been discovered by chance. Many incidents have been recorded about discoveries of ancient artworks or scriptures that ordinary folks have dug up in their backyards. This is one such case where the historical caves were found barely hidden.Michael Scott had been on the hunt to locate these mysterious caves for a long while now with no success. He already knew that it was not going to be that easy but then it soon turned out to be more challenging than he ever imagined. He went about looking for signs or clues that lead him to the caves but could not find any indications that could help him get to the mysterious caves. Michael spent several hours trying to find the entrance that could lead him to the insides of the caves so that he could go on with his project. After the hours went by with still no progress, Scott was on the verge of losing all of his hope. He felt that his biggest fear was about to come true. Scott began to feel like all the stuff he had heard about these caves were in fact just made up stories and rumors! Just as he was about to give up, he discovered the entrance of the cave that further leads to an amazing discovery.

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The Underground

After multiple hours of hovering about the areas where the caves were said to be located, Michael soon found the entrance of the caves at last. His struggle to find the mysterious caves he had come all the way from Birmingham to find have finally paid off. He was beyond excited to see what lay inside these caves. It would prove to be all the more exciting as the insides of the caves were way more than he could have ever expected. After entering the caves he had fought so hard to find, he discovered that they lead to the chambers and caverns. It was such an unbelievable thing to discover because all he had in mind was to discover these caves and take decent looking pictures. He did not expect that the caves would have anything more to offer so he was over the moon to find out about the insides. But what were the caves used for?The locals were right about one thing and it was the fact that the entrance of the caves was fit for rabbits to make use of for their burrows. The size of the entrance for these caves was indeed insanely small that you would never expect a human person to ever fit in them. In fact, the openings were so small that it makes you wonder why there were made like this in the first place. Were they even meant for human beings to be able to pass through them? How could they have ever fit the people in the past to get inside and do whatever it is they did inside these caves? But putting all this confusion about the questionable size of the entrance aside, the cave leads to larger chambers and caverns where there was ample space. So then the question remains as to what these larger chambers and more spacious caverns were used for?