The Koi Fish


After the water lilies went missing unexpectedly, Oliver decided to make sure the same thing didn’t happen to his precious Koi fish. In order to keep track of the fish, he decided to buy ones that looked different. So that he can distinguish between them and keep a track of them as well.

But upon closer look at the pond, he discovered that his pure white Koi was nowhere to be seen. Completely confused, Oliver looked around for it. here and there in the pond. Surely, it had to be hiding. There’s no way a fish could be somewhere else. How could a Koi fish suddenly disappear?

Seems Fishy



The following morning, Oliver, filled with resolve, approached the pond to feed the fish and unravel the garden’s mysteries. As he neared the water’s edge, something even more unfolded, leaving him baffled. The unexpected turn of events intensified his determination to understand what was truly happening in their garden.

The lilies were fine, but another Koi was missing! In a state of utter confusion, Oliver decided to return to his house and turn to the internet again for answers. How could water lilies and Koi fish go missing? There had to be an explanation for the strange occurrence. Nothing else adds up.

Watery Pit


Within a week, Oliver’s pond went from full of beautiful water lilies and happily swimming Koi fish, to completely empty. By the end of the week, there was nothing left in the pond but a few water lilies. And with all of the fish gone, they became the target once again.

Just a few days back, Oliver had realized his dream of building a beautiful pond. But now, to his dismay, it had turned into little more than a water-filled hole. The rapid transformation left him disheartened as he wondered what could have caused the pond’s sudden deterioration, casting a shadow over his recent accomplishment.

Feeling Heartbroken

Oliver had put so much work into building his dream pond, and it had all been for nothing. All he wanted was to be able to enjoy the pond and the colorful fish with his wife, but what was supposed to be a relaxing hobby, was causing him lots of stress and desperation to find answers to his question.

Oliver had invested both time and money in constructing the pond, and he had also spent a considerable sum on the fish. As he confronted the pond’s decline, he began to sense that his efforts and resources had been in vain. The feeling of disappointment grew, making him question if it had all been a colossal and futile expenditure.

Nothing is Adding Up


But that wasn’t the worst part. Oliver still had no idea why things were disappearing. After turning to the internet, he found that there was no predator that ate water lilies and Koi fish. It gave him momentary relief but he was still anxious and curious, looking for answers. If not eaten up, where could they be?

With this ruled out, he decided to check the pH levels of the water. But they ended up coming back normal. Also, his fish hadn’t died, there was no body nor any signs of it, they had simply vanished. So, there had to be another explanation that helps explaining the events.

Hard Work


Of all his garden endeavors, the pond was the toughest and costliest. Oliver toiled for months on it, pouring his heart into the project. He felt immense joy at its completion, relishing the beautiful outcome. But now, his happiness was in danger as the pond started to deteriorate, making all his effort and money seem wasted.

Oliver looked at the pond and let out a deep breath. He had dug it with his own hands, placing rocks meticulously. He wondered, “Was all this effort worth it for a mere muddy pit?” Disappointment washed over him as he considered if his hard work had been in vain, making him question its value.