Abandoned buildings have their own charm. Be it the decayed rustic fixtures and windows, or the wrecked structure of the walls, they all have a story to tell. These buildings act as a mirror to the human soul; stubborn and enduring the test of time. The mystery behind the broken hinges sparks a world of imagination. If only those walls could speak and unveil the bizarre tales hidden beneath the rubble.

This story is about one such abandoned building, an old high school in Illinois called Centralia High School. The building had been abandoned for decades, until the year 2019 when it was bought to be renewed and built into a church. During this quest of renovating the old building, one of the plumbers came across something straight out of a mystery novel.

Abandoned Building

From the outside, it looks like nothing unusual, just an old building. But once we step inside Centralia High School, we are greeted by a dreary scene. The broken window glasses let in scattered sunlight to the dark narrows corridors, which were once buzzing by the laughter and chatter of children. The dismantled benches and boards lay in a corner of the empty classrooms, covered in ashes.