Abandoned buildings have their own charm. Be it the decayed rustic fixtures and windows, or the wrecked structure of the walls, they all have a story to tell. These buildings act as a mirror to the human soul; stubborn and enduring the test of time. The mystery behind the broken hinges sparks a world of imagination. If only those walls could speak and unveil the bizarre tales hidden beneath the rubble.

This story is about one such abandoned building, an old high school in Illinois called Centralia High School. The building had been abandoned for decades, until the year 2019 when it was bought to be renewed and built into a church. During this quest of renovating the old building, one of the plumbers came across something straight out of a mystery novel.

Abandoned Building

From the outside, it looks like nothing unusual, just an old building. But once we step inside Centralia High School, we are greeted by a dreary scene. The broken window glasses let in scattered sunlight to the dark narrows corridors, which were once buzzing by the laughter and chatter of children. The dismantled benches and boards lay in a corner of the empty classrooms, covered in ashes.

Renowned School

The school didn’t always look the same. Centralia High School was one of the most renowned schools in town back in the 1940s. But all good things come to an end, and for this school, it was the modern era. With smart classes making way into the education system, Centralia High School found it a little difficult to keep up with the trends.


As predicted, parents began to enroll their students in modern, equipped schools with the latest technology and facilities. This resulted in Centralia High School falling short on students, which ultimately lead to immediate bankruptcy. Since then, the gates of this school have remained closed.


The building has been abandoned for decades now, and as a result, it has given birth to a lot of rumors. The most obvious one was that the school building is haunted by the ghost of a girl who committed suicide on the second floor. While most people do not believe such stories, there are always exceptions.

No Buyers

The current owners of the building have been looking for buyers for a while now. But unfortunately, nobody came forward with any offers. The building has been showcasing a “For Sale” sign for years. The owner has lost all hope of ever finding any takers because people probably believe the rumors about the building being haunted.

Making The Sale

Seth Baltzell, a pastor for the City Hope Church had been making queries about the ownership of the abandoned high school. Baltzell must have found the price of the building to be perfect because, at the beginning of the year 2019, he made the purchase.