This story is about a couple who discovered a well in their living room. Well….well…..well that is not the mystery. The real twist was what they found buried in the WELL. The well that was built in the 16th century had a big secret hidden inside it. The man in his 60s had undertaken the responsibility of unraveling it. The man had a hunch that the well was hiding something inside it. He could not have been more right! He decided to excavate the well and demystify the mystery that had been lurking beneath the well for five centuries. And after he made the discovery, his life did not remain safe.

Home Sweet Home!

Colin Steer always wanted a home of their own. And it was a first sight love for Colin when he spotted this house. The house was exactly the way he wanted. There were a big backyard and a vast living room in the house. He bought the house immediately and moved into it soon after. However, the man did not know that the house he had just bought was not an ordinary one.