For many of us, gardening is the best stress buster and Dom Lowe is one of them. He loved gardening and had been doing that since his childhood. Born in Los Angeles, U.S, Dom moved to Pensford, England to pursue his career in Brewery. He bought a house with a beautiful backyard for him and his family. He was living a very normal life until he saw someone intruding his backyard at night and it was not something that happened for once. There was someone who was breaking in every night to dig at a specific spot. Dom decided to investigate and what he actually found after going to the bottom made him regret his decision.

Dom Lowe

He took retirement from the brewery only to spend his time with his family. As now the man had plenty of free time he began indulging himself in things that he enjoyed the most and one of them were gardening. He would spend a big fraction of time working on his gardens. That was the place he liked the most. Little did he know his hobby was going to put him in a very big problem.