For many of us, gardening is the best stress buster and Dom Lowe is one of them. He loved gardening and had been doing that since his childhood. Born in Los Angeles, U.S, Dom moved to Pensford, England to pursue his career in Brewery. He bought a house with a beautiful backyard for him and his family. He was living a very normal life until he saw someone intruding his backyard at night and it was not something that happened for once. There was someone who was breaking in every night to dig at a specific spot. Dom decided to investigate and what he actually found after going to the bottom made him regret his decision.

Dom Lowe

He took retirement from the brewery only to spend his time with his family. As now the man had plenty of free time he began indulging himself in things that he enjoyed the most and one of them were gardening. He would spend a big fraction of time working on his gardens. That was the place he liked the most. Little did he know his hobby was going to put him in a very big problem.

Gardening Is Love

Dom Lowe was widely known in his surrounding for his penchant for gardening. Be it winter, summer, or spring the man would make sure his backyard stays manicured and beautiful. He had learned gardening from his father and now being a father himself he wanted his son to carry on the part.

Benefits Of Gardening

Not only gardening refreshes your soul but also helps you to stay healthy. Not many people know that people who do gardening more often are lesser prone to dementia in comparison to those who don’t. Additionally, tending the garden is directly related to the boosting of your mood. These were the health benefits but there is one more benefit that we are going to discuss in this story and this one is extremely surprising.

Unknown Things

However, for some days Dom had been noticing that his backyard used to get disoriented every morning. Someone was ruining his garden every night. He ignored that for a few days but it did not stop. Interestingly the dig used to be done on the same spot. . The activity continued for many days that eventually forced Dom to look into the matter. Who was doing that and with what purpose?


Instead of sleeping, he decided to catch the culprit. He was looking through the window from his room so that the culprit would not be able to see him. He waited hours after hours but nobody came. The dusk was only a few hours away and still, no one appeared. How was that possible? Was there anyone in the first place? Well, just then he thought of going back to sleep, he saw someone coming in.

Found The Culprit

It was a dog! Yes, every night a dog used to break in their garden only to dig at a particular spot. But why was it doing that? This was puzzling . The dog had been doing this for days. He immediately went outside and ran the dog away. Tonight also he had dug at the same spot. Unfortunately, Dom could not understand the sign but soon he was going to figure out.