Sport is a favorite pastime for so many people. Whether it is watching it or playing it, so many people love sports. And baseball is no doubt one of the most popular sports ever in history. There is one exciting activity that baseball entails – collecting cards. It is no secret that they can be worth a fortune. Well, Karl Kissner is not much of a baseball fan but what he discovered totally changed his life. As soon as he took it to an expert, what they told him blew his mind away…

Who Is Karl Kissner?

They say that we never really know someone, that we sometimes get to know a person a lot better after they pass away. This is possible if and when we go through their personal belongings. So the man named Karl Kissner was unknown to this side of his aunt while she was alive. When she died, he was in charge of cleaning up her property and her home…

A Hoarder

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As he was cleaning that house he did not expect to discover anything worth mentioning much. Now Karl had always known that his aunt was a hoarder. With that being said, he still did not know that the kind of valuable items that his aunt had stored in her house. He was just doing his job as a nephew by cleaning her house but what he found was indeed shocking…

An Old House

So even though he was very fond of his aunt, he did not suspect that there would ever be something so incredible locked inside her house. She loved to store things up and keep holding on to items that she barely used too. And in case you grew a little curious, the photo here is of the old house where Karl Kissner’s aunt used to reside in.

Not In A Good Shape

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And so this aunt was an old aged so she could not properly maintain her house like she used to. And so, the house had not been in the best shape for a long while and moreover, she passed away. So her home really needed proper caring and maintenance. Karl Kissner was sure that there would not be anything valuable to be found inside, but he knew he still had to clean.

Little Expectations

So as he started cleaning the house, Karl Kissner knew he had a big task to do. The house was not small at all, so he knew he would have to start cleaning the house quickly to finish. When he started, he sadly did not find anything worth keeping. They were all useless for him. He was cleaning the living room, the kitchen and hallways but nothing extraordinary was found.

The Most Unexpected Place

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Karl at this point did not even look for anything to keep. He was sure that his aunt had not kept anything precious in her whole house. He had cleaned up a majority of the house with nothing interesting being dug up or found. However, he would soon find something amazing in a place where he least expected it to be. Everything changed when Karl cleaned the attic.