There is no doubt if somebody says, “life is a mystery.” Yes, it definitely is. We just don’t know what lies ahead and what follows after that. We all want our lives to be big, filled with everything that we ever wished for. To begin with, a dream house is the first thing that we all want, right? Even this guy, about whom this story is, bought this beautiful dream house to start his new life with his family. One of the most important thing from the “things we want” list, he managed to strike it off. But things didn’t turn out to be the way he wanted. Soon, everything started to fall apart when the hidden secrets of his house started to surface which slowly started to crawl towards him only to take him into the darkness from which he tried running from. Fortunately, he was able to outrun the darkness which was trying hard to catch him, but even a small ray of light could make the darkness go away. Let’s see what happened to him when he bought his dream house.

Dream House

Christopher wasn’t able to control his excitement he was getting from his new big house that has everything he ever wanted. The house was surrounded by enough greenery that was giving it the perfect house look if viewed from the distance. As he was going through his new property to have a proper look on which he has spent so much money, Christopher was welcomed by something unbelievable. Astonished by the discovery, he investigated it further only to find himself in the middle of a bog that kept sinking him inside. His new house soon became his worst nightmare which made him question his own beliefs. He wanted to run away from the house and never return back. But what made him so terrified that he was ready to abandon his dream house?

Woodland Fields

The property which Christopher Wanliss bought covered the size of 16.5 hectares of Woodland fields, and was lucky to find this great big house in such a beautiful place. Everything was going according to the plan which was scripted by destiny. Little he knew the destiny has another plan for him and soon he would be the one discovering the mystery of the house that was hidden somewhere in this big area which he alone would be able to find. He was destined to do so. One day, Christopher decided to inspect his new house and the area which surrounded it. It seemed as the fall season was approaching, the trees were trying their best to maintain their beauty but the season was making it difficult. Wandering in the area, Christopher’s feet took him where he found something that froze time at that moment. What did he see?

Mysterious Discovery

Christopher kept staring at that weird thing from distance and it was hard for him to jump to the conclusion about that thing’s identity. Is that an old tree? He thought to himself. He went closer to have a better look at that mysterious thing only to fall deeper into the mystery. He was wrong about the tree he thought it was. Excited he didn’t even realize where his feet were taking him. Suddenly, he fell into a 3-feet hole that was covered with all the fallen leaves from the trees. Stunned he got back on his feet covered in mud and leaves he cleaned himself and his saw something in front of him. What’s that? He thought to himself. It’s not possible, it can’t be, he kept telling to himself because he saw something which was entirely unexpected to him. He was actually standing in front of a mine and that too a  mine in his own property of which he wasn’t told about. The mine was old and seemed to be an abandoned one. Should he go inside to take a look? He shouldn’t have entered the mine but eventually, he did only to discover something that was hiding inside it. It was a call from destiny.

Encrusted Walls

Being an old mine it was covered with which seemed like moss, but it was extremely too dark to be sure if that was moss or something else. According to Christopher who recalls the moment,  “When we bought the house, nobody ever told us about the fact that the estate had a lot of mines on it. We just sort of stumbled upon the gold mine one day and that was it. When I first saw it, I was so excited that I almost fell over myself. The only thing that I could think about was Indiana Jones and underground railroads”. He was very much intrigued by the sight and decided to go check it out. He shouldn’t have.

Only Flashlight

He was very excited to explore the mine which he had no idea was even there in his property. He rushed back to his house to gather a flashlight so that he can fully examine the mystery that was deep inside the mine. Little he knew his life was about to change forever. This decision would soon be the worst he has ever made in his entire life. Christopher was standing in front of the mine pointing the flashlight on the entrance of the mine. He wasn’t completely inside but could see some sparkly objects on the walls of the mine. Gold? Or something else? He found out really soon.


The old walls seemed like they could fall down any moment top of him. Cautiously he made his way into the mine, his footsteps echoed which made him walk really slow because of all the noise which was made him really terrified. All he had was a flashlight for which he brought some spare batteries in case he stayed longer inside the mine. Christopher kept his distance from the wall because of the strange sparkly thing that shined every time he moved his flashlight towards them. He recalls, “What if this was gold?” But the thought of gold soon vanished from his mind and never came back after what he saw in the mine that totally changed his motive of entering the mine.