Sometimes don’t you feel the need for a change? Sporting the same life for a reasonably long period makes way for monotony. Maybe we desire a change but the thought of it makes us uncomfortable. Doing something out of your comfort zone is what real adventure is. And at times one needs to embark upon this adventurous¬†journey.

This is the tale of two women who do some of the craziest things to be selected on the Ambush Makeover Show. Just to get their looks they have been donning since last 40 years changed, the women take this call. And the revelations were unbelievable.

Janet Lawler

Janet Lawler was from Boise, her hometown. She was in her late adulthood stage of life. After bringing up her children and fulfilling all her responsibilities with her family, she wanted to devote some time to herself. She wanted to have a makeover as she was filling apathetic with her usual looks. And to have one, she does something really crazy.

Brigette Dineen

Another woman named Brigette Dineen was from Ohio. She was working as a nurse in Cleveland. She was the other woman to accompany Janet. She too wanted a makeover and flaunt her new looks to her entire kitty gang. None knew that this nurse would ravel her new looks in the most unexpected manner.

Ambush Makeovers

Ambush Makeovers is a popular television show in work with Today News. The show offers a free makeover to random people. The makeover is done under the supervision of hair and make-up experts. This show is a fad amongst all the age groups. Surely, the women could not have searched for a better platform than this to get their looks transformed.

The Crowd

Women from all over the world gathered outside the Today news studio in hope of getting selected for the makeover. Some would scream loud, “Select Me, Select Me” while others would just show up with banners reading, “Ambush Makeover’s Be The Best”. Everyone just wanted to get styled by the stylists and why not? This is no less than a lifetime opportunity.

We Too Please

Amongst the sea of the crowd gathered outside the studio to be selected, Janet and Brigette were also the ones standing in that long queue. Janet so badly wanted a change that she traveled all the way from Boise, Idaho to the New York City and the scene with Brigette was no different. Rather Brigette had been following the show every Thursday and have been searching for the ways people get a chance to appear at the show.

Attention Attention

While every woman standing right outside the studio waiting for the stylist to select them. Janet and Brigette did something different than usual to catch the eyes of the selectors. You know the level to which women can go when it comes to changing their wardrobe and the looks. Afterall cosmetics is the science of a woman’s cosmos.