The human race has conquered everything be it land, sky or sea. Sea, that is both vast and deep makes us wonder sometimes about the waves of mysteries it is hiding. We all know that there are many secrets tucked under the sheets of cold waves that are waiting to be uncovered. One of them was the ship Mars that came to prominence when a professor took interest in it. The ship had been lying under the sea for many centuries. It was a battleship used in the 16th century that fiercely took on its rival. It was in 2011 the ship was found that caused a ripple among the world of archeologists. Here is why……….

Deepest Secrets

The professor of Maritime archaeology at Södertörn University in Sweden, Johan Ronnby has always been fascinated by ships. He loved doing researches on sunken ships, cursed ships, and ancient ones. And when he learned about the Swedish ship it whetted his curiosity to the next level. He decided to find out more about it. 

Mysterious Past

The ship had a mysterious past and a number of myths associated with it. It is also said that the ship had been cursed that eventually became the reason for its fall. We will tell you more about the curse and the ship but before that let us find out more about the ship.


The ship had gone missing for many centuries. However, Johan Ronnby had heard a lot about this mysterious ship and when he got a chance to investigate further about this sailing ship he could not resist himself. But doing it alone was next to impossible for him so he decided to take help from Richard Lundgren who owns the professional diving company Ocean Discovery.       

Two Decades

When the two begun, they had no idea that the journey they had just embarked on had a lot of twists and turns in it. They did not know that the ship had stored a very important part of history in itself. They did not know that the ship was worth the wait prolonging two decades.      

20 Years Of Fruitless Search

John Ronnby later learned that Richard, Ingmar his brother, Fredrik Skogh his colleague and friend had been searching the battleship for two decades. While searching for the object, they were astounded on stumbling upon this heavy Swedish warship: Makalös, Stockholm Museumonce. And so they decided to join hands with the person who was already working on the same project. The team was set to come across some amazing secrets.

If The Mars

The head archaeologist, Andreas Olson stated, “If this is the Mars, it is a truly significant find,” he continued, “When it comes to maritime history it really can be seen as the ‘missing link’ in the chain of what we know about historic shipbuilding.”