What do we usually do at the beach? Well, the beach is a place where we usually go to enjoy some sun, water and recreation. The beach is usually filled with people who want to spend time for themselves, away from any issues or work they wish to run away from. It would be a dream to live near the shore but then the insurance costs are way too high. But anyhow, what could be better than spending time at the beach, when all you have to do is play in the waves or build sandcastles or just work on your tan-lines? But there have been a few incidents where the beach goers have discovered very out-of-the-ordinary stuff while at the beach. Must you automatically think these weird discoveries would amount to typical ocean related stuff like seashells or fishes right? This list is actually going to blow your mind because some of the items that these people have found at the beach are unbelievable items like fresh food and weird creatures. Just check them out for yourselves!

Trunko The Blob

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If you ever find yourself at the beach, what would you do if you saw something that does not look like anything you have ever seen or heard of? It would totally creep us out, wouldn’t it? Well, this blob here unexpectedly washed up on the shore and was definitely shocking to everyone present at the beach. It was given the name “Trunko” by the people during that time. It somehow resembles those scary creatures that lurk the shores in horror movie trailers. This old white blob was discovered way back in 1924 after it washed up on the shore. This is probably the first ever blob to have been recorded with a photograph in history! Trunko actually washed up on the shores of Margate, in the country of South Africa. Obviously, it made headlines everywhere and was titled “Fish Like a Polar Bear.” It was present at the beach for over 10 days but during then nobody had the courage or curiosity to examine Trunko.

The English Fish

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They often say that we have not even unearthed the vast majority of what is in the deep oceans. This might be true as this unique fish washed up on the shores Of England. If you are not a fan of fishes, this fish will surely make you all the more freaked out. It really does look very alien-like. It was called the “English Fish,” because it was found in England. Some could even argue that this fish might be the last remaining fish of a prehistoric species. It was found on the beach of Canvey Island, England in the year 1953. Because of its physical features, the fish sparked up a few arguments. There were some people who believed that the fish was an anglerfish, but then it also had horseshoe-like feet. In the end, National Rivers Authority confirmed that this fish was from an undiscovered species. So we can confirm that there are so many mysterious creatures on earth that Google search cannot help us with.

Is It A Reptile? Is It A Fish?


Since the ocean has a web of many different species of fish, we cannot say that we as humans have discovered all of the types of fish underwater. It is too vast and way too deep for humans to enter the deepest depths of the sea. Hence, there is still a lot of things left to be uncovered in the sea and we can only hope that we learn more and more in due time. The things that wash up on the shore are still very mysterious to us, including this giant fish right here. This creature was found on the shores of South Carolina and has the characteristics of both fish and reptile. So obviously, when it was discovered in South Carolina, the public had so much to say about it. Soon, the creature was given for examination. It was then revealed that it was in fact, the carcass of a humongous sturgeon native to North America!

The Montauk Monster

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In this world that we live in, there are new things we discover every day. Scientist and specialists have given a name to most of the animals and plants we see in our daily lives. But then, once in a while, there are a few animals that even the most learned animal experts cannot give a name to. This animal here was one such case that had the most knowledgeable experts scratch their heads. The Montauk Monster got discovered in New York back in 2008. This may very well be the most commonly known “monster” to have come out of the sea anywhere in the world. This creature was quickly taken away from the beach as soon as it washed up on the shore but still managed to cause a lot of commotion and attention. There were speculations that it was an experiment from the Plum Island facility!

A Flock Of Dead Birds

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We all know that the ocean is home to many dead bodies. There have been tons of dead bodies including different species of animals and fish that still float around in the ocean. Heck, even dead human bodies are dumped into the waters every now and then. So obviously, a few animals are bound to get washed up on the shore from time to time. This particular case is one where an incredible amount of dead birds were washed up from the ocean. It is not so surprising to discover birds on the shore but this case was different because the number of birds that were discovered was indeed a lot. This happened in 2011, where a total of about 6,000 dead birds turned up on Wasaga Beach, Ontario. The cause for the death of all these birds was later found out to be botulism poisoning.

The Canada Creature

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Because there have been so many mysterious dead creatures, you really have to ask yourselves of the science classes we had in school really covered anything at all? Seriously, there have been so many weird animals that get discovered day by day that it feels like our knowledge about this world really is minuscule. Take this next animal for example. This very scary creature washed up on the shores of Canada. Again, since it looks to be very unfamiliar, speculations followed and there were many clashing theories from multiple people. This very weird creature was actually discovered back in 2010. Its place of discovery was a small town of Kitchenuhmaykoosib that is located in the northern areas of Ontario, Canada. People have argued that it is either an otter or a weasel but have no evidence to back their theories.