The world we live in is full of flaws and unfair means. If we look around us, it is most likely that we come across something that is not right. We have countless social evils prevailing in our society these days. Many activists and advocates have worked hard to banish the world we live in from such problems that cause thousands of people struggle to live a happy everyday life. These are indeed serious cases that we should take into consideration with great interest and depth. But sometimes there are so many people that miss the mark and completely fall off topic during some of these intense protests. Some sign boards are meant for safety while some other are meant for rallies.We know that there is a time and place for everything but these signs carried by protesters are too downright hilarious. Take a look at a list of the funniest signs spotted at protests that would surely make you laugh out loud.

You Got Money Problems?

It is often said that money makes the world go round. This is actually very true as everyone needs to work and earn to have a stable living condition. The money we make determines the quality of life we can afford and on so many levels, shows what we are as a person. Because money is such a crucial aspect of life, we often fight over it and many people face problems. This man holding this signboard is covered from head to toe with money. The big question is if has covered himself with real money or just went to photocopy his whole outfit. It is hard to believe that a man protesting about money would decide on going out wearing nothing but money. There have been a lot of debates held about people who want wealth to be equally distributed so as to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.