The world is indeed a vast place. There are so many different cultures and so many countries that make up the world we live in. People come in all shapes and size, and skin color of course. Love binds us all together and it is human nature to fall in love. We often see celebrities as otherworldly beings who are way better than us mere mortals. But then again, their actions and decisions remind us that, they too are just human beings after all. They are all searching for the same thing, chasing the same dream as we all are. They all want to love and be loved just like any of us regular folks. But then, sometimes, we often find ourselves needing to branch out and explore other cultures and people. These celebrities have stepped out of their comfort zone and found love with people of completely different races. They are living proof that love knows no boundaries and is not limited to skin color or racial background. Here is a list of our favorite interracial Hollywood couples.

Banks & Asla

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Tyra Banks has managed to morph herself from being at the top of the fashion world to further her career at the top of the television. She has created many hit shows, most notably “America’s Next Top Model” and “The Tyra Banks Show”. The American beauty Tyra Banks quickly fell in love with Erik Asla who has a Norwegian origin. The couple has been very tight-lipped when it comes to their relationship, so there is not much dirt that anyone can say about them. They first met on the set of ‘Norway’s Next Top Model’ where sparks flew. They began dating and the thing got serious pretty quickly. The tow made a life-changing decision to have a child via surrogacy. It must also be noted that Asla has had 3 daughters with his previous wife. The two however decided to end it because of their career.

Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves

Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves

In case you do not know who these two are, let us tell you now. This beautiful Brazilian American model is Camila Alves. She is one of the top models who has worked with Victoria’s Secret. Her husband is American actor Matthew McConaughey. This good-looking couple got married back in 2012. These two are truly lovely to watch and their love seems to grow stronger every day. The two of them now share 2 children. It was only recently that Camila could enjoy her US citizenship. Matthew spoke about his first encounter with his wife Alves for the first time to Howard Stern saying, “I’m not even a club guy, but I was a club guy,” he said. “And I’m making margaritas at the end of the table, and this figure moves across the room. And I remember (saying) to myself, ‘What is that?’ I didn’t say, ‘Who is that’ I said, ‘What is that?'”

Taye Diggs & Idina Menzel

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Idina Menzel as we all know is the voice of every little girl’s favorite princess, Princess Elsa from the hit Disney animation ‘Frozen’. She is also an accomplished Broadway star who has made a mark in the performance arts section. She and Taye Diggs met after working together on a project. After dating for some time, they got married and it lasted for a decade. The iconic interracial couple announced their split after they enjoyed 10 years of a blissfully married life. How did this couple meet you ask? Well, they first met each other on the set of ‘RENT’ and then sparks flew. They soon fell hard for each other, hence the marriage. Being married for 10 years, the couple even has a son together. Even after their divorce, they are both working together to best raise their 5-year-old son Walker.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga

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If you have never seen this couple before then it means you are not from this planet. There is no escaping the Kardashian clan these days as they are all over the place in media. They are everywhere on social media and they even have a reality show that follows them around on their experiences as a family. We know that African American rapper Tyga and Kardashian the youngest sister of the Kardashian clan Kylie Jenner have made many headlines as they were arguably the most famous couple in the world. With Kylie updating every minute of every day on her social media accounts, they are definitely one Hollywood couple that keeps us on our toes. The couple split up a while ago and Kylie has not moved on to another black rapper Travis Scott. Kylie gave birth to her first child with Travis, daughter Stormi who was born in February.

Evan Ross & Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross

If you do not know who Evan Ross is, then you are not to blame. He is actually the son of the legendary pop queen Diana Ross. He has starred in several television shows but has not been able to make it that big by himself yet. We were all introduced to Ashlee Simpson as the younger sister of pop star Jessica Simpson. Ashlee soon made a name for herself as a pop star who has several hits in the mid-2000s. The couple as you all can see make an attractive pair.  Since they remain quite a low key, this couple has actually been married for 3 years. She even posted a loving picture of Evan Ross on their wedding anniversary on Instagram. After getting married in 2014, the couple has given birth to a lovely daughter named Jagger Snow. Ashlee Simpson was previously married to Pete Wentz whom she has a daughter with as well.

Tamera Mowry & Adam Housley

Tamera Mowry & Adam Housley

We may have all forgotten about this former child star right? Allow us to refresh your memories. She is the former star of the hit show “Sister, Sister” and her name is Tamera Mowry. Yes, the black twins who charmed us all with their charisma and beauty back in the day. Tamera met and married Fox News Correspondent Adam Housley in 2011. They were in a relationship for about after 6 years and decided that it was time to make it official. The African American Tamera and Caucasian Adam now already have their first son that they named Aden. Tamera is still very much active on television as she hosts the talk show ‘The Real’, tackling many issues faced by women and the African Americans in society these days. She is also a dedicated wife and a devoted mother.