The invention of the television has made our lives so much better because it relieves us from any kind of boredom we may be facing some days. The latest tv shows have also helped us as a distraction from whatever issues we may be facing in our lives. Watching a television show is no doubt addictive. People get very attached to the characters and the plot of a show usually waiting every other week to catch up on what happens next. The plot and twist of a show is what makes it all the more interesting. There have been so many shows about doctors, the police or college kids that may sound mundane but have actually captivated the viewers due to their amazing storylines. However, as some shows progress, there have been a few shows that have missed the mark in delivering their final episode. Here are some of the top-rated shows that left the audience enraged because of how they ended. Be aware because there will be spoilers too…

Pretty Little Liars

TV Series Finales

We all know this show was among the favorites by viewers that were mostly young girls and teens. This group of girls managed to win over the heart of the audience with not only their stories but even their outfits and styles were a hot topic. For several seasons we all wanted to know how everyone was going to end up and in the end, the delivery was not good enough. Even the biggest fans of the show Pretty Little Liars, were left very confused by how they decided to end it. Many of the fans could not have fathomed who A.D.’s true identity was because it was such a big twist. In the end, the real person behind all of A.D’s antics was, in fact, Spencer’s twin Alex Drake. Even the fact that Aria and Ezra ended up together was a very uncomfortable end, to say the least, it bordered on creepy. The hit show left the audience very perplexed because of all the revelations that proved to be too much in one go.

No Tomorrow

TV Series Finales

The show’s title says it all as there is indeed no time to waste. The way the producers decided to end the show was so abrupt, leaving the fans with very less to look into considering how short the series already was.The final episode only explains the information about the asteroid headed towards the earth without any actual revelation. It also ended up explaining a few loose topics that had been floating around the show. The fans of this show got to know about what happens in the end with a message on the screen and they also revealed that the Earth does get hit by an asteroid! The only ones affected by this fall were a few poor cows and nothing else was damaged much. The show was a little too unbelievable as all of the main characters made it out alive after the meteor struck. Hank and Deirdre managed to welcome their baby in the bunker while Kareema and Sofia remain happy together. Evie starts his job working for Doctors Without Borders, Xavier became the author of a book, and at the very last moment, Evie and Xavier got back together.

The Good Wife

TV Series Finales

The Good Wife was one of the most watched shows in the recent past. It was amazing that fans could not wait to watch after each week. It was, however, very unfortunate to find out the very dissatisfying ending to the whole show when it aired. All of the fans that had been following the show were so excited to see Alicia Florrick be at the top of her game getting all that she had ever deserved. This was sadly not the case as the complete opposite happened to her. The effort that Florrick had put, the hard work she had managed to muscle were all tossed out the window as the jury could not reach a verdict. Diane Lockhart also wanted out from entering the plea deal. Even Florrick’s love life left all of the fans puzzled as there was no explanation at all. Maybe the writers knew very well that fans were not going to be happy because an explanation followed the final episode during the time it aired.


TV Series Finales

Everyone loves the movie so could the show ever compete with the reputation of the movie? There is an unfortunate answer to this as the show definitely did not live up to the expectations that fans had because of the impact the original classic had. The writer for the show Bryan Fuller knew very well that he could never do justice to the movie. So the only option left for him was to find a way to keep the audience as engaged as he possibly could. He made a very wrong move as he wrote in unrealistic cliffhangers and bizarre plots in the show leaving fans all the more confused. Many of the fans wanted to see how Fuller’s demented scheme plays out in the end. They also wanted to see how Hannibal and Will Graham’s relationship resulted in, in the last episode “Wrath of the Lamb”. The show ended with the both of them falling off a cliff.

Mad Men

TV Series Finales

When the show first started off, everyone loved getting transported back into the time advertisements were gold. The final episode of Mad Men was indeed a let down as fans were so geared up to see what unraveled in the show that had been so enthralling. In the series finale, the stories of Joan, Peggy, and Don were all shown but then only one of them had an actual ending. Peggy was the one with a happy ending that left her happy in love with Stan. Joan and Richard’s relationship ended with a sad twist as Richard made the decision of rejecting her. However the most disappointing of the lot was Don. He did not go to Betty who was dying. Event he final scene was useless as Dons was shown smiling and meditating followed by the 1971 “Hilltop” Coke advertisement featuring the song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” All we can say is that Mad Men needs a reboot pronto!

Two and a Half Men

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When the final episode of Two and a Half Men aired, it was clear that the show’s creator Chuck Lorre wanted to settle his score with the former star of the show Charlie Sheen. As soon as Sheen left the show back in 2011, the ratings for the show dropped to an incredible amount. Lorre and Sheen were rumored to have left the past int he past with Sheen in talks to return for the series finale. The character of Sheen was thought of to be dead, where in fact, Rose his stalker was holding him captive the whole time. In the final scene of the finale, Sheen was seen ringing the doorbell at the beach house. This was a stunt double who gets killed by a piano that fell from the sky. In the end, Lorre facetiously says, “Winning,” with an explanation that the producers could not end the show with a bang as Charlie Sheen would not agree with them. It is such a shame that the 12-season hit show had to end like this!