The invention of the television has made our lives so much better because it relieves us from any kind of boredom we may be facing some days. The latest tv shows have also helped us as a distraction from whatever issues we may be facing in our lives. Watching a television show is no doubt addictive. People get very attached to the characters and the plot of a show usually waiting every other week to catch up on what happens next. The plot and twist of a show is what makes it all the more interesting. There have been so many shows about doctors, the police or college kids that may sound mundane but have actually captivated the viewers due to their amazing storylines. However, as some shows progress, there have been a few shows that have missed the mark in delivering their final episode. Here are some of the top-rated shows that left the audience enraged because of how they ended. Be aware because there will be spoilers too…

Pretty Little Liars

We all know this show was among the favorites by viewers that were mostly young girls and teens. This group of girls managed to win over the heart of the audience with not only their stories but even their outfits and styles were a hot topic. For several seasons we all wanted to know how everyone was going to end up and in the end, the delivery was not good enough. Even the biggest fans of the show Pretty Little Liars, were left very confused by how they decided to end it. Many of the fans could not have fathomed who A.D.’s true identity was because it was such a big twist. In the end, the real person behind all of A.D’s antics was, in fact, Spencer’s twin Alex Drake. Even the fact that Aria and Ezra ended up together was a very uncomfortable end, to say the least, it bordered on creepy. The hit show left the audience very perplexed because of all the revelations that proved to be too much in one go.

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