Life is extremely unpredictable and full of surprises. With tragedies and fortunate happening taking place simultaneously, there is no telling what lay for us in the future. It is a multi-faceted endeavor that each of us goes through every day.

And that’s what makes it so exciting! One of the true wonders of life is the love of a mother. No matter the age or species, it transcends boundaries in unimaginable ways. Maternal instincts can show up in the most unseemly of ways and situations, which is the exact charm of it.

When photographer couple Evan Schiller and wife Lisa Holzwarth landed in the landlocked country of Botswana in South Africa, they never expected anything out of the ordinary for their scheduled game drive. The couple often went on African expeditions, and this trip too was supposed to be like their previous ones.

Passionate about saving the Big Cats, the couple together founded ‘The LEO Chronicles,’ an organization aimed towards raising awareness towards the endangered feline predators. So they often went to Africa to photograph the majestic cats and subsequently shine a light on their plight. However, this trip was going to be unlike any other trips they’ve ever taken!

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