Have you ever wondered how life in the navy is like for women? It is physically very tough for men so for a woman to be in the navy would have to mean that they are truly a fighter with a passion to save and defend the country. Here are some things you need to know about life in the navy as female soldiers.

Getting Nicknames

Because of their stiff demeanor, navy people have a common nickname, Leathernecks. But the people in the navy are quite soft at heart, especially when it comes to dogs. They have been given the nickname, “Devil Dogs” and even also use a dog as their symbol. The Germans gave this nickname during WWI.


Less Makeup And New Lingo

Makeup is not a complete crime in the navy. However, there are restrictions because you cannot look too baked or dolled up. If ever someone is applying makeup, it has to be done very minimally, blending with the tone of your skin and absolutely no false eyelashes.

 The military is spread into different branches. They each have their own set of words that help them communicate better among themselves. Same goes for the navy as they also have their own keywords or code words. These are mostly drawn from old maritime words and acronyms. For example, words like left or right are changed to port and starboard.


Training Strains A Lot Of Women

When the ban that prohibited women from applying to get into the navy was removed, there were many contenders. But only one was ready for the excruciating training that lay ahead. This woman was unsuccessful in passing the test but inspired a lot of other women. There were eventually a lot of women who, with great focus and willpower, passed through to be a Seal.


Hard Training

The training for Marines is tough enough but training to become an elite SEAL is on a whole other level. Even if the training is completed, their missions are top secret. So there is no surprise why Navy SEALs are regarded as the top soldiers of the country.

One female passed the 13-week infantry course, that was failed by most of the male recruits. She has truly become an inspiration for women and also men to step up their game.

No Restrictions

There was always some restriction to keep some women from combat. In the year 2015, this was changed and now women are allowed to be deployed in any type of conflict or combat without any discrimination.

 Many people, after years of practice, get their own flair when it comes to martial arts. The same thing goes for the Marines. The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program teaches self-defense that incorporates kung fu, krav maga and boxing.