Every couple dreams of starting their own family. Just like all other stages in your life has their own charm, the stage of parenthood and the craving to taste it is something only the already turned parents or the expecting ones could understand. While everyone is blessed to cherish the phase of pregnancy, it somewhere gets difficult for the couple with the same sex.

Ashleigh and Bliss Coulter, a young and fun-loving couple from Texas too had this desire of having a child of their own. They thought with the advancement in medicinal science and technology, it would come easy. Little did the women know, nothing in this world ever comes easy.

Almost Impossible

While there was nothing wrong in the women’s willingness to turn into mothers. The only problem which was there was that both the women wanted to carry the child. This is strange, isn’t it? How was this even possible? How would two women carry a child in their womb?