Sam Elliott is famous for his rough and handsome look and his tantalizing deep voice is the cherry on the cake. However, Sam Elliott is much more than the media has publicized. Let’s unfold the unknown secrets of Sam Elliot life.

Sam’s Early Life


Sam Elliott was born on August 9, 1944, in California. However, he spent a major part of his childhood in Oregon. His father, Henry, was an employee of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. At the age of 9, Sam started his acting career. His father was very cautious of his decision to be an actor. Elliot’s decision caused a rift in their relationship and that sourness continued for most of his childhood. 

Soon, his Father passed away!

1970 elliott

Sam’s father couldn’t digest the fact that his son had taken up acting as his career. Tragically, when Sam turned 18, his father passed away. “He died thinking, ‘Man, this kid is going to go down the wrong path,’” Elliott said in an interview. “And I think on some levels that was either hard on me or made me more focused in my resolve to have a career.”

Local Newspaper motivated him


Elliott graduated from David Douglas High School and pursued his higher studies at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. In the midst of his higher studies, he bagged a role of one of the leads of Guys and Dolls. A local newspaper took notice of his performance and suggested him that he should pursue professional acting.

Not A Glamor World At All!


For most of the people being a part of Hollywood is glamorous but the reality is something different. Most actors moving in there have to stay in a little apartment and just hope for getting audition calls. Sam Elliott went through the same grind. Initially, he worked in a construction part time, just to pay the bills. 

Also, a Military Man


Sam Elliott had also worked with the U.S. military. During his stay in California, Elliott worked in California Army National Guard (CAL ARNG). The main objective of the CAL ARNG is “to organize, train, equip, and resource community-based land forces to support state and/or federal authority.”

First On-Screen Role


Sam Elliott got his very first on-screen role in the year 1968. He played ‘Jack’ on the episode “Kiss Me, Kill You” in the TV series “The Felony Squad.” He got two more small roles in the same TV show, in 1968, and in 1969.