To be an A-list Hollywood star would mean that money is no object. This is evident in how celebrities decide to travel on the road, in the air or above the water. Rely on this list to educate you on just how rich these famous folks are by what they spend their money on.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Gulfstream III

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie was the Governor of California for a while, making us love him even more. This jet of his was used by Arnie to travel from his home in LA to Sacramento for his work. Arnie managed to get the price to drop after only including the essentials to just $35 million. The full price of this jet was a whopping 60$ million.

Donald Trump –Boeing 757

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has purchased several jets so this is most definitely not his first private jet. However, it is his most recently bought jet priced at an unbelievable $100 million. It can host 43 people and is complete with a master bedroom, a cinema, etc. The Trump logo is placed on the side of the jet and in true Trump spirit, are of course 23-carat gold.

Jay Z – Bombardier Challenger 850

Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z have reached a billion-dollar mark which is why they can spoil themselves by buying whatever they want, like this $80 million jet. Beyonce gave Jay Z this jet on behalf of their kids, Blue Ivy, Rumy and Sir Carter as a father’s day gift. It has a kitchen, two bedrooms, and bathrooms, so it could be a home in the skies for Jay.

Jim Carey – Gulfstream V

Jim Carrey

Jim Carey owns this 16-passenger jet as we all know he loves flying. This was $59 million in cost which demands 2 crew members to be on board. He is busy and cannot always fly in this jet but however, made a genius plan of giving it for at a cheap price of $8,000 per hour! So you can technically fly in a Jim Carey plane.

The Edge – The Cyan

The Edge

David Evan aka The Edge loves to travel in the sea on luxurious yachts. He bought a superyacht and this yacht is around 50 meters in length, Italian made, which is why it looks unique from other yachts on this list. The Edge love his movies and music, so he can now enjoy these two things in the comfort of his yacht whilst on the sea.

Angelina Jolie – Cirrus SR22

angelina jolie
Angelina got herself a Cirrus SR22 which is priced at $650,000 and is one of the less expensive planes on the list. This plan can seat only five people so Angelina would not be able to being all her kids with her. We feel like this is just her personal plane to better her flying skills as she is also a pilot and that she only uses this to fly for emergency work back and forth.