The Couple

They were the high school lovers. The bench partners at school were sure that they would be the future life partners. Even their friends teased them by calling them soulmates. Though back then in school days they always asked their friends to shut, but deep down in their hearts, they knew that they can’t imagine their lives without each other. As the years passed the duo couldn’t wait to unite into one soul. In the year 2011, the couple finally tied the knot. To them, it was their love that made their ordinary life, an extraordinary one- a life just like a fairytale. The much in love couple were enjoying the newlywed phase when a year later they decided to plan their family.

Surrogate Mother

Margaret was a single mother of 42-years old age. Though she lived a fulfilling life and was happy with her two sons, when she heard the story of the couple who had been trying since last six years, she couldn’t refuse to help them. She agreed to help the couple. The couple were more than happy and out of words as their dream was now getting fulfilled.

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Annoyed Surrogate

The couple without even discussing their concern with Margaret took a bold decision. And Margaret was not ready to accept it. While she always wanted a friendly relationship with the couple, the duo didn’t seem to do that. They instead of contacting her directly always initiated the conversation through representatives. And with this things began to ruin.

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Stopped Installments

In words of Margaret, things turned disgusting when the couple stopped paying for her bills. As decided beforehand that the couple would give her $10,000 for raising their kid, the couple stopped paying her in installments and they only handed her around $600.  This was not all yet.

A Controversy

The entire case has turned up into a big controversy. A decision could not be made. None can decide who was right in this case. Whether it was the couple who broke the condition that surrogate put forward or was it the surrogate who was claiming an unjustified right.