What makes those special occasions memorable is how we celebrate them. We often find ourselves reminiscing a particular birthday bash when we turned a certain age, a new year’s party or  X-mas eve of a particular year that can never be topped. Feeling Nostalgic? Shelly and her husband were celebrating their wedding anniversary, absolutely unaware of the events that were about to take place. They ended up getting sloshed and the decisions they made afterward would affect their lives for days to follow. Read the story to find out who left the note and how it made a major impact on the couple’s life.

An Unexpected Note

Shelly is a native Canadian and lives at Sherwood park with her husband. Her life had lately taken a turn and things have only been not so good for her ever since. The two were going through testing times. They were running out of money and it would be right to say that they were financially broke. Just when they thought they had it all, they crossed paths with an unexpected note that turned their world upside down. To help understand things better, we must have a look at her story from the very beginning…

A Big Dent

Losing her beloved father in 2015 was certainly the hardest blow life could have possibly hit Shelly with. Shelly and her father were apparently the closest to each other and the death of her father had left her in absolute despair. Dealing with such a loss can shake anyone to the core. However, Shelly emerged stronger than ever but it seemed the problems in her life were just starting to warm up.

Hard Times

Just when Shelly was making her way towards her car after her dad’s funeral, she found a parking ticket resting on the windshield. She found herself in the middle of a similar situation when a cop handed her another parking ticket just when Shelly was trying to sort things out in the courthouse. While it may not appear to be something as troublesome, Shelly was having a hard time managing her expenses and even a parking ticket at the time was nothing short of a punch in the gut.

A Brave Face

Shelly used to live in a rented apartment and it was one day when her landlord asked her to pack her bag and leave without any prior notice. Shelly took the matter to the court and she soon found herself in a similar situation i.e. an officer stood right next to her car writing her another parking ticket. It couldn’t get any tough for Shelly, she was already having a hard time paying the money for her father’s funeral. Not to forget that she also needed a handsome amount of money so as to move into a new apartment. Despite all of this, she had this brave look on her face as she didn’t want her husband to worry or feel sad.

Rock Bottom

The company Shelly’s husband worked for was suffering through an all-time low. On the very day of their anniversary, Shelly’s husband was told that he would soon be laid off. While the troubles that came Shelly’s and her husband’s way would have been enough to knock out anyone, the couple stood out with their heads held high and they were down to face anything that came their way.