Every day is a new one. One never knows what the upcoming day is bringing for us. But, we as humans only believe and hope that good will come to us. However, not each day is a bright sunny day, there are days which cover up the sky with dark grey clouds as well.

Christine was a resident of Kansas, who had a tough childhood. First, she was brought up by a single mother and with her growing responsibilities, her single mother also puts her for adoption. Christine’s childhood was not something a normal child has. It wasn’t a peaceful one. Growing up under different parents had deeply impacted her. And this impact compels her to find her biological father. Since the last 57-years, she had been searching for him totally unaware of the fact that how mysterious a figure her father was.

DNA Report

DNA is not a new term for us. Probably all of us have heard that a DNA test is being conducted to find the true identity and relationship between the humans. Even the shows like that of Maury or Jerry Springer used this scientific test to find the father. When Christine realized that she could use this medical test to find the long-lost missing piece from the puzzle of her life, she did not think of what all repercussions it will have when the reports would surface.