You must have heard of real-life love stories fit for movies that happened during the war. Well, this is one such story that everyone should definitely pay attention to. This is the story of Phyllis Ponting. She is 99-year-old great-grandmother who discovered a hand-written love letter from her soldier fiancé that had gotten lost in cargo ship under the sea after being hit by German U-boats in 1941. The letter reached her 77 years later and how it got lost is also a story worth telling…

Meet Phyllis Ponting

So where is this lady from anyway? Well, Phyllis Ponting is a resident of Wiltshire, England. She had lived a long life and had never expected to hear from her beloved fiancé Bill Walker. After serving with the Wiltshire Regiment, she did not expect to get any form of contact with him ever again. He had been deployed to India and did not respond to a letter in which Phyllis accepted his marriage proposal.