We must have all heard about objects and items going missing where there is no logical explanation. During such times, you cannot help but wonder if these incidents happen due to paranormal activities or mere coincidences? What would you do if you notice that a furniture had been moved or that the food in your house is missing even though none of your family members have done it? This family was led to a discovery that would totally make for a great Hollywood mystery movie when their house had a strange occurrence…

What’s Going On?

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When you realize that there are things missing from your house, you would do something about it, right? If the thing that is missing is food, you would definitely get to the bottom of it, wouldn’t you? So since the kitchen food kept getting missing, the owner of the food decided to take charge. He set up a hidden camera to hopefully see the real reason why. He was not sure what took all his food, thinking it was his girlfriend…

Not His Girlfriend

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When he set the camera up, he wanted to find out why the food he kept aside would keep disappearing. He had no memory of eating them so it got to a point where he became a little concerned. After he got a few clips from the camera he set up, he checked to hopefully find what he was looking for. He got the shock of his life when he finally found who had been stealing his precious food. It was definitely not his partner.

Missing Food

Food Gone MissingSo who was this man who had to live with such an unfortunate curse? Well, if you think about it, saving scrumptious food to eat later only to realize that it is gone would be so frustrating wouldn’t it? Joe Cummings is from Manhattan. He had been living in his apartment for a while now. But the actor was about to find out that his house was not so safe…for his food that is. For some reason, it just kept vanishing.

No Use Restocking

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For most of us, we want to come home from work to enjoy the food that we buy and stock. Every one of us enjoys a nice meal at home, don’t we? So just imagine how irritating it would be to discover that everything you buy gets over even before you get to have a single bite? Joe would keep his fridge and pantry restocked. But soon everything would just disappeared. He suspected that it was his girlfriend but was not too sure.

Questioning Things

He Started Questioning

If you took a single look at Cummings, you would actually be envious of him. He was happy with his girlfriend because of their happy relationship, and also they were living in one of the most happening places in the world, New York. He had a very comfortable life except for food. They would just go missing for some unknown reason. One night, he heard the creaking of his door…

Checking In The Kitchen

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So as he was there lying in bed at home that evening, he was disturbed by the doors creaking. Cummings became even more curious after this sound was followed by footsteps that were heading to the kitchen. He got so curious that he got up to go to the kitchen to see what the matter was. As soon as he reached the kitchen, he saw that the food he stocked was missing once again. It got to a point where he had had enough.