Fishing is a relatively unknown profession with not many keen prospectors for it. An even more obscure branch of it is crabbing. And it is understandable as it happens to be one of the more dangerous jobs in the world. With a bigger urban job sector than ever, it is usually the locals in fishing towns that undertake the dubious job.

Crab Fishing: A Dangerously Good Living

The crew and the captains of a fishing boat have to tackle bad weather, rough seas and constant uncertainty to get their prized catch: crabs. But the job is equally profitable as it is dangerous. The crew has been known to make as much as $100,000 per annum! The salary of a captain is double the amount of his crew, making around $200,000. 

The Deadliest Catch

Discovery Channel sought to shed light on one of the most deadly and incredibly profitable professions of crabbing. With their documentary series Deadliest Catch, it follows the life of fisherman aboard fishing boats that go out to the Bering Sea in search of the elusive Alaskan King Crab. 

The Life Of A Crabber

The series showcases the situations aboard the several crab fishing boats and often also sidesteps into the stories of rookie crew members. From the minor problems to fatal catastrophes, the series covers it all. With only two crab fishing seasons happening annually, the race for catching the most and profitable crabs is palpable!

A Dangerous Career

Crab fishing is majorly concentrated in the Bering Sea, just off the coast of Alaska. The Aleutian Islands port of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, is the base of operations for the fishing fleet. Each boat has a quota they must reach within the three-month crabbing season. The captains can sell and buy quotas from other ships.

Looking Out For Each Other

With the nearest port being almost a hundred miles away, it is the duty of each crew member to look after themselves and one another aboard the fishing vessels so as to minimize fatalities. Rookies or ‘greenhorns’ (as they’re referred onboard) often leave the job quickly when the inherent danger of the job is realized. 

A Deadly History

The imminent and constant danger on the vessels and operating the heavy machinery and hardware, in addition to the choppy seas, lend to crab fishing its title as a deadly job. The lucrative business has been responsible for many deaths over the years, With as many as 73 recorded deaths in the 1990s.