People often wondered about the house at the end of the street. Every time anybody crossed this house, their heads turned automatically towards the house just to glance something about the tenant who lived in the house. Others even tried to contact the homeowner but it was useless because even he didn’t know anything about the tenant except the name. The mystery behind the house grew darker with each passing day until the homeowner decided to walk inside the house only to find something he never thought would be there.
This story we have here is something exceptional. The homeowner entered the house and that is when he discovered a baffling truth about the tenant which left everybody agitated. What did the homeowner find inside the house? You’ll see soon…

An Ordinary Morning

This Kansas City wasn’t prepared for the fate he was about to meet. Every step on the staircases he took at his tenant’s house brought him closer to the most frightening experience of his life. Four walls made up of bricks make a house but who stays inside he wasn’t aware of it. What this owner found out about his tenant that baffled everybody!