These breeds of dogs are then trained to serve in the police department and they have proved to be the best till now. Though the are dreadful, sometimes they form an unbreakable bond with the fellow police officers. They no longer appear to be a threat to the department whereas in the case of enemies they might tear the enemies into countless pieces.

K9 Dogs

Mississippi police department too had some k9 dogs and these dogs were often trained by one of the senior cops named Todd. He loved dogs so whenever the department had to assign a person to train the beasts they would often go to him. He was well aware of their temperament too and despite having aggressive behavior, the beasts generally seemed to like him a lot. But one day a dog named Lucas came and Todd’s life changed forever. What might have happened?


Todd used to adore every dog that used to come for training but recently he started to bond with Lucas when he came to the department for initial training. It had been more than 2 decades since Todd had been serving the department and in this time period, he had trained numerous dogs and prepared them to fight the dangerous enemies. But this was the first time, he had felt such a deep connection.

Inseparable Team

As the days passed by, Todd and Lucas came closer and their bond thickened. Even after the training, Todd would often hang out with Lucas. Despite being a Belgian Malinois he was quite polite and calm around the cop. Todd was thinking of retiring from the service but when Lucas came for his training, he changed his mind. Lucas used to bring a spirit of youth that complemented Todd perfectly. In a short span of time, they had become inseparable and trusted each other blindly. He knew he could count on him in any situation.


These working dogs are trained to serve and protect in extreme situations when the cops have to find hidden weapons and dreadful criminals. These beasts have such sharpened teeth that could tear a person from inside out. But Mississippi police never encountered such a situation that would end up in violence. The people in Mississippi were quite calm and remained at peace with the police. But situations don’t remain the same as always, do they?


Because of the sharp teeth, the cops too would often stay away from the K9 dogs and especially from Lucas. He was intelligent and smartest of all the K9 dogs they had. It was his nose that Todd trusted the most. He could easily sniff out the contraband like an expert. He would often joke that Lucas would be the one he would call if he ever got stuck in a serious situation.