Dogs are smartest of all the animals and maybe this is the reason why some of the breeds serve in the army too. They have good instincts which help them to sense the danger even when it’s far away. These dogs, however, can’t be adopted normally by people but they prove to be of great help to police officers who swear to protect and serve the public. Despite being dangerous, they develop an undying bond with their trainers. There have been many incidences when a dog has amazed its owner by its acts. A similar incident happened when a working dog named Lucas, surprised the whole police department with his astonishing act.


There are several jobs where people experience risks every other day and one of these is the job of a police officer. Every other day they go through many challenges, meeting criminals and handling them. An officer’s job is not everyone’s cup of tea. They even have to go after dangerous criminals risking their lives to protect the public.


Police officers have to show their bravery and presence of mind a lot of times when they are fighting a hardcore criminal. They have to be really careful because the responsibility of many lives lies on their shoulders. But there may be several incidences when their own life is at stake. Then too, they fight the criminals while protecting the public. But does that happen all the time? Do they never find themselves trapped in an inescapable situation?

Finding Ways

Criminals nowadays have powerful weapons and they are always in a search for a chance to terrorize people around them so they would always be in constant fear of the unknown. And sometimes they hide the weapons so well that no machine is able to detect it. So does that mean the police officers’ hands are tied in front of these criminals?

A Step-Ahead

To get a hold of these criminals and stopping them from spreading terror, police also have to be a step ahead of them. But sometimes even with their superior machines, they are unable to stop their evil plans. And here another member of the police department comes into action. Can you guess who they are?

The Loyal Partners

Dogs are no doubt the cutest animals on the earth but some of its breeds are so dreadful that you would pray never to encounter any one of them. But they prove to be really helpful in the police department as they can find any weapons hidden underneath countless layers of clothes with their strong-smelling sense.

The Beasts

These beasts are wild and very dangerous, they are often helpful in tracking down the enemies because these dogs inherit natural instinct from their wolf ancestors. Wolves always remain in a pack, which means that these dogs also have incredible qualities that make them invaluable partners and they can work great in a team too.