Commerce is not just about how to make money for a company that you are working for. There is much more to it than this. Managing how a business works, the processes of the company, keeping a track of the stock market, there are a lot of tasks that a commerce student learns and is responsible for. Therefore, jobs for commerce students are available in a wide variety and have a high scope. 


When you think of jobs for commerce students, accounting is one of the top jobs that cross the minds. With in-depth knowledge of journal entries, accounting systems, accounting methods, etc., commerce students are the best prospects for accounting jobs.

Financial Analyst

Studying the market trends, the demographics and helping the organizations make smart investments are the key responsibilities of a financial analyst. 

Marketing Specialist

Another option for jobs for commerce students is that of a marketing specialist. These specialists are responsible for advertising the new services and products of a company. They need to find ways of marketing a product and then evaluating the responses of the product in the competitive market.

Business Manager

The job of a business manager is to ensure that all the departments of a company are working efficiently and running smoothly without any hindrance. They overlook the functioning of all the departments and submit reports about the same to higher authorities.

Research Analyst

With their quantitative, logical, analytical and critical thinking skills, research analysts are responsible for researching, inferring as well as assessing the data. The research is carried around according to the demands of the higher authorities. They also execute statistical analysis as when asked and required. 

Therefore, if you are interested in learning about how a company works and how it upholds itself in the competitive market, you should definitely opt for commerce.