There have been countless inventions made by humans on this earth. Some of these inventions and ideas have proven to be quite useless while some have revolutionized how we lead our everyday lives. They have certainly made our daily lives more effortless and served convenience to a lot of issues we face. Some of the inventions you are about to read have taken some existing inventions up a notch, some are brilliant while some are just plain confusing…

Umbrella Cupholder

Have you ever wanted to grab a hold of your coffee whilst maintaining your umbrella as you stand in the rain? Well, worry no more, because this invention allows you to hold both your umbrella and coffee using just one hand.


Pizza Scissors

Pizza scissors are way more practical than pizza cutters. This invention of the 21st century is surely one of the most beloved, especially for pizza lovers. We all know how long it takes to slice pizzas with regular cutters. A pizza lover might say “That’s my invention” because we have all thought of this one before.


Reusable Candles & LED Slippers

This simple invention is certainly one of the most creative ones. It is easy to have an invention like this actually. If you ever get sick of buying candles over and over again, this reusable candle is the perfect thing to get as it refills itself with the same candle.


We all know someone who needs these LED slippers. There is always that one friend or family member who gets into minor accidents in the dark. Give these slippers as a thoughtful present.

Twisted Fork For Grip

It is common for everybody to spill a few strands of spaghetti while dining. This could be blamed on the forks too. However, this new wavy fork maintains the noodles from dropping like in regular forks.

Inflatable Backseat Mattress

We all want to travel and discover places but do not have the means to rent hotel rooms like some people. Now, this problem can be avoided by getting these inflatable backseat mattresses that allow you to sleep during travels eliminating the cost of hotels or resorts.