Home Improvement is one of the most beloved television shows for sure. Everyone was obsessed with the famous line from the show ‘IT’S TOOL TIME!’ Home Improvement was definitely one of the top tv shows that launched multiple careers like Tim Allen’s back in the 90s. He became a household name after the show and was everyone favorite guy. It is unbelievable to see that the was first aired 25 years ago. Tim “the toolman” Taylor had been watched by millions of fans for over 8 years. It was like this show came to the rescue for people who wanted to remodel their windows and their homes, to help repair their house, with a clever show within a show. With his very sarcastic wife Jill, his chill partner in crime Al, and the secretive neighbor Wilson, the show captivated audience all over the country. Many untold tales have been in the midst of this ABC sitcom, and the ones about Jonathan Taylor Thomas are exceptionally shocking! Read on and find out!

Pamela Anderson’s Career Was Launched

home improvementThis top rated television show gave the model her big break as an actress when the producers cast her as  the Tool Time girl, Lisa. Pamela had recently become the Playboy cover girl and was the Playmate of the Month so it was not such a hard decision for the already established model to get the job. It was obvious that she would be the perfect fit as the gorgeous co-worker at Tim Taylor’s Tool Time show! Pamela went on to star in 2 seasons of this show before she starred in  Baywatch as C. J. Parker. She played the role of a paramedic on Baywatch and it was definitely one of the biggest highlights of her acting career. Pamela Anderson decided to join the Home Improvement cast again to reprise the role of her character on season 6’s finale, The Kiss and the Kiss-off in 1997. Obviously, fans were thrilled to have her back.

Debbe Dunning Took Pamela Anderson’s Place

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After just 2 seasons starring in the hit show, Pamela Anderson decided it was time to go. So then her role fell upon the actress Debbie Dunning who was later cast as the new Tool Time girl by the name of Heidi Keppert. The actress would open the show and become Tim and Al’s assistant for a long 6 seasons. She starred in her first episode in Maybe Baby in the show’s 3rd season 3 where the audience were quite positive in receiving the second Tool Time girl. Debbie did not have a huge part in the show when she first started off. It was a minor role she was given but as the show went on she was considered part of the main cast in the last 2 seasons. The producers made this decision after finding out that her character was beloved just as much as the first Tool Time girl Pamela Anderson.

Ashley Judd Was Rejected

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Even before Pamela Anderson was selected to play the role of the Tool Time girl, there was another actress who caught the attention of the creators. Actress Ashley Judd was actually considered to play the Tool Time girl because Matt Williams, who is one of the creators of Home Improvement absolutely loved her audition. In the end, she was not selected because it was a unanimous decision where they all felt like her talent was too special to play such a minor role. He was even quoted as  saying, “I called her agent and told him that she was so good, we would find a way to incorporate her into the series, period.” After all of this, the creators offered her the roles as Tim’s sister which they wrote just for her but then Judd decided to reject the offer. Her agents responded by saying the Judd was “not ready to go into television right now. She thinks she has a feature career.”

Tim Allen Declined Turner And Hooch And Dead Poets Societyhome improvement

Even before one of the best 90s TV shows Home Improvement was even though about, Disney executives offered Tim Allen the chance to star in two TV versions of Turner and Hooch and Dead Poets Society. Although these roles sounded very compelling there was something that held Tim from taking up these roles for himself. But ultimately Tim declined both of these roles as he felt that the two of them were both “preparing for failure.” But then he decided to get his own TV show that would be a Disney production on the ABC network. Then soon, the creator of another hit television show Roseanne, Matt Williams was hired to d the job! As we all know all the waiting and patience paid off as Home Improvement went on to become one of the longest and most beloved tv shows in the 90s. Do you think Tim helped at all in eradicating ridiculous contractor insurance for the viewers?

Frances Fisher, The Original Jill

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The pilot episode for the show Home Improvement was shot in the month of April back in 1991. During this time there was no Patricia Richardson to play the role of Jill in the show. Frances Fisher was, in fact, the actual first choice to play Tim’s wife, Jill Taylor. The creators of the show soon found out that the audience was not really responding well to the actress as she was not humorous enough for the comedy show. Her talent as an actress was not so strong to be on a comedy-centric show. As we all know, this famous actress has played the roles of  Ruth DeWitt Bukater in Titanic or Strawberry Alice in Unforgiven. Most of her characters on screen have been so serious that the public could not wrap their heads around the fact that she was in this show that needed flawless comedic execution. So ultimately she had to be replaced. They wanted Fisher to loosen up a bit but became unsuccessful so eventually the role of Jill had to be recast.

Allen Could Only Wear Michigan  School Clothes

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Tim Allen had been born in the state of Colorado but then they eventually moved to Michigan. While most of us would consider our the state where we were born as our home state, it was not the same case for Tim Allen. He has been known to state that he considers Michigan to be his home state. Hence, on Home improvement, Tim’s character can always be seen wearing shirts that are from schools in that very state. There was a law on the show that only the colleges and universities from the state of Michigan would get the free advertising. The shirts and sweaters that he wore were all sent to the studio by the universities and colleges themselves. It would be safe to say that Tim is indeed a true patriot who would do anything for his home state. Do you think these colleges had more candidates during the time the show aired?