You never know who inspires you in what sense. While a majority of us are in a constant search of an inspiration that could motivate us to do something great in life, Shaniece a 21-year-old young woman finds her inspiration in the most distinctive space. A life-changing incident hits somewhere deep in her heart.  Keeping her inspiration in mind she takes a bold decision. A decision that could cost her life, but she knew she had to do it. The consequences of her daring step would want you to do something in life.

About Family 

Shaniece was brought up in a very warm family environment. It won’t be wrong to say that to her, the family held the top priority. Her parents were the school sweethearts who knew each other since the age of sixteen. She saw another fairy tale when her elder sister Linda married her beau right after completing her higher education. To Shaniece life was nothing but a beautiful one until the day she finds her sister struggling…

A New Life

While Shaniece was barely 14-years of age, Linda decided to move in with her partner Josh. She was excited to start her new life with him. While Shaniece was expected to be a little sad about this, she was happy for her sister and for herself. Shaniece was glad to know that she as the younger sibling won’t have to oblige to her elder sister’s orders and fulfill her stupid demands.

Childhood Madness

Just like any other siblings, Linda and Shaniece shared their side of craziness. Linda always dominated her as she was the elder one. She would ask her to get everything while she would lay back on the bed. Shaniece was but of course irritated with her elder sis and was often cranky at her. So when Shaniece learned that her sister was moving out, she knew that now she was the master.

Feeling Lonely

Though initially, she was happy to have her elder sister’s wardrobe all to herself, she soon only started to miss her. She would miss their cute-little fights, the way they would go shopping together, and how Linda would tease her. She felt isolated. Shaniece decides to meet Linda over the weekends and energizes herself for the upcoming week. But things didn’t go as planned.


Shaniece had a lot to talk about to Linda. She took a bus all the way to Linda’s place and throughout the way was making mental notes of what all she had to say to her sister. As she reached her place, she never thought that she would be finding Linda in that condition.

That Was Strange

As Shaniece was walking towards Linda’s house, she saw her brother-in-law Josh. He was sitting in his red truck and had a very stern look on his face. She stopped by him to greet him, but strangely Josh went pass her without meeting her. Shaniece found it a little awkward but did not bother much about it. It was only after she met Linda, things made sense.